022 Being a Good House Guest


(Office ambience)

A: 陈豪,do you have any plans for the weekend?

C: 这个周末还真有活动。我们老板夫妇请我到他们家去玩儿,我没告诉你吗?说实话,I am a little nervous.

A:What are you nervous about?

C: 我怕自己会有失礼的地方。唉,你给我讲讲,在西方,去别人家作客有什么需要注意的吧。

A: Do you have gift for your hosts?


A:Here's what I do. I take a gift with me when I know my hosts' taste and hobbies.


A:When I don't have a clue, I pay attention to what they like while I am there. Then I send a special gift after the visit.


A: Unless you have food allergies or need to follow a special diet that would be rude. The rule is to "make do".


A: If there is something you don't like, don't let your hosts know. Have a little bit of everything to be polite but fill up on the things you like.

C: 你说得有道理,我可以每样儿都尝点,哪个合胃口就多吃点儿。你放心,不好吃我也不会告诉他们的。还有Amy, can I take my dog Freckles?

A:绝对不行. Unless they invite Freckles, ask your neighbors if they could look after him.


A:They may ask if you want to watch television and if you have any favorite shows. 不过,要是没人问你,那他们看什么,你就应该跟着看什么。


A:I hate to disappoint you, but if your hosts go to bed, you should retire to your room.


A:Take something to read. It's much more courteous to read quietly in your room than to stay up with the televising blaring.


C:Amy, 我还有什么地方需要注意吗?

A:Don't forget when the visit is over to send a handwritten thank you note?


A:绝对不行。E-mail is too impersonal.


A:Then buy some and take it with you along with a pen and some stamps. You can write the note before you leave their house and mail it on your way back home.

C: 我还以为这个周末可以好好放松一下呢。看来我得随时注意,做个好客人,可别闹什么笑话。

A:没错。还有就是要enjoy yourself.