024 The continental and American Table Manners


(Office ambience)

C:Hi, Amy. 我有几个问题想请教你。

A:Of course, what about?

C: Table manners. 具体说,我想知道用刀叉有哪些讲究。

A: So you are having trouble figuring out the correct way to eat Western style?


A:Well, for one thing, there are only two correct styles of eating that the Americans use, but some people eat however it suits them.


A: 你要是想成功,还是应该注意饭桌上的规矩,because how you handle getting food to your mouth is a big part of your professional image.

C: 你说得也对,那到底该怎么使用刀叉呢?

A:The two correct styles of eating are the American and the Continental style.


A:Better yet, let's go to the New York Grill after work and practice in an authentic American restaurant.




A:With the American style, you hold the fork in your left hand and the knife in your right hand to cut your meat or vegetables.


A:Then you place the knife on the top of your plate with the blade facing in. Next you transfer the fork to your right hand.


A:Now with the fork in your right hand, you take the food to your mouth with the fork tines up.




A:切食物的方法是一样的。The difference is that you keep the fork in your left hand to take the food to your mouth but with the tines down.

C:所以说唯一的区别是,叉子不换到右手上,一直是左手拿叉,吃的时候叉子的尖儿冲下。What do I do with my knife?

A:You can continue to hold it in your right hand since you aren't switching the fork over. Just keep it close to your plate.


A:没错。Food is cut the same way for both American and Continental styles, fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand.