027 Politely Placing Callers On Hold


(Office ambience)

A:Hi Chen Hao, have you got a minute?

C:Amy, 刚才你过来的时候,我正在电话上。

A:It's not polite to hang around when someone is the phone so I decided to come back.


A:I know what you mean. Putting callers on hold for more than thirty seconds is bad for customer relations.

C:半分钟,别说半分钟;我刚才足足等了半小时。不过,Amy, 说实话,我让别人等的时候,有时候也容易把时间忘了。What can I do?

A:Watch the clock. Time passes quickly for the person who is busy with other callers or issues, but for the person on hold, time creeps by.


A:Since your job doesn't involve answering other people's calls, I would guess that your callers are waiting for you to look up information while they hold.


A:There is a difference in holding for someone to answer the phone and holding for someone to look up information for you.


A:If you ask people to hold while you are looking up information or trying to help them in some way, they are willing to wait.


A:People are happy to wait while you work on their behalf.


A:When you take your time getting to the call, the caller starts to imagine all sorts of scenarios.


A:The caller may suspect you don't think the caller is important.


A:Maybe you don't value the caller's time?


A:Yes, and the result is that your caller is pretty annoyed when you finally answer the phone.


A:Exactly. So if you want to avoid making people feel unimportant or ignored, pick up your phone as soon as you know you have a caller waiting.


A:Exactly, good business etiquette as usual is to be considerate of the other person.