031 Toasting


(Office ambience)

A:Chen Hao, you need to be prepared for a lot of toasting tonight.

C:Toasting? 烤面包?

A:No, I am talking about honoring someone at a meal or reception by raising a glass of wine, champagne or water and offering a few kind words about that person.


A:There are two kinds of toasts. There is the informal toast that the host offers at the beginning of the meal to welcome his guests.


A:Mr. Davis will stand, raise his glass and thank everyone for coming. He will take a sip of his wine. Then the guests, who remain seated, raise their glasses in response and take a sip.


A:The other is more formal and comes near the end of the meal, usually during dessert. Champagne will be served. After each toast, everyone raises a glass and takes a sip of champagne.


A:Not necessarily, but you will be expected to toast James since you worked closely with him.


A:You could say how good James was to work with, tell a funny story about him, wish him success in his new position or use a favorite quote.




A:Chen Hao, Your toast was excellent and you seemed completely at ease. You obviously practiced your remarks.


A:It is acceptable etiquette to raise your water glass instead of the champagne flute. I usually just raise my glass to my lips so it appears that I am drinking when I am not.


A:Not at all. That was correct etiquette. You never drink to yourself. Only to other people.


A:No you wouldn't. I would have warned you about that.