032 The Use of Speaker phone


(Office ambience)

A:Chen Hao, you look pleased about something. What is it?


A:It is called a speaker or speaker phone, 中文可能是叫免提功能。


A:Speakerphone is a great convenience, but you need to be careful about when and how you use it.


A:You need to consider whether the person to whom you are speaking is comfortable being placed on speaker phone.


A:Because it is like broadcasting your entire call to other people who might be listening.


A:When you place someone on speaker, anyone passing by or in close proximity can hear both sides of the conversation.


A:The person on the other end may not be comfortable with other people overhearing what he is saying, especially if he isn't aware that he is on speaker.


A:Exactly. Always ask permission before putting people on speaker phone.




A:Chen Hao, how was your day?

C:还记得我们说的speaker phone吗?有个客户打电话给我问资料,我就问他能不能把电话放在speakerphone上,这样我就可以一边找资料,一边跟他通话了。

A:What did he say?


A:That is another point you need to be aware of regarding speaker phones. Using them in your cubicle when others are working in adjacent cubicles is inconsiderate.


A:You can use it, just be thoughtful. Another reason that people use speaker phones is to be able to have a conversation or phone meeting when everyone involved cannot be present physically.

C:就是说,销售部主任正好出差,而咱们俩要是用一个电话跟他开电话会议就可以用speaker phone了吧?

A:Yes, with speaker phones, not everyone has to be in the same room to have a meeting.

C:Amy,你再提醒我一遍,什么时候该用speaker phone, 什么时候不该用?行吗?

A:It's really simple. Don't put people on speaker phone without asking permission and don't use speaker phone when it may disturb others.