035 Small Talk in the Office


(Office ambience)

C:Amy, 你有两分钟时间吗?我有点事儿想请教你。

A:Yes, but let's step into my office so we don't disturb anyone else. What is it?


A:I agree. After all, that is what we are paid for and people who misuse company time are wasting company money.


A:I did. And one of the ways to do that is to engage in small talk or "chit-chat," as we say. You need to talk to your colleagues about things other than work.


A:It's not wasting time if you do it at the appropriate times.


A:Basically, at the beginning of the day when everyone is getting their tea or coffee and starting to settle in; during breaks and at lunch. The end of the day is another good time to chat.


A:Chen Hao, I know this is important, but can we talk after work? I have a project to complete before the end of the day.





A:Often people who have just competed a project or an assignment, need a break. They don't always consider that their colleague may be in the middle of something and doesn't have time to talk.


A:Location is important. Pay attention to where you are so that you don't disturb the people who are working.


A:A place like the break room or an office with a door will give you privacy as well as prevent others from being distracted by your conversation.


A:Yes. We haven't talked about one of the most important - what you talk about.


A:Small talk should not be viewed as a time to get personal and pry into people's private lives. Nor should it be a time to spread gossip.