043 Handle Special Occasions with Co-Workers


(Office ambience)

CH:Hi Amy, how are you?

A:I'm fine, thank you. And you?


A:So why the puzzled look on your face?

C:今天早上接到我的同事Sue的电子邮件,说想给另外一个同事Lyn开40岁的birthday party,生日派对。

A:Oh, how nice. What are the details of the party?


A:How do you feel about that?


A:I agree that these occasions can be uncomfortable, especially when you don't know the person well or you are asked to buy a gift.


A:This is not the time to send an e-mail. Your words might be misunderstood. You need to discuss this and e-mail does not lend itself to discussion.


A:That's not a good idea, especially if everyone else in your department is participating. Talk to Sue.




A:Hi, Chen Hao. How did it go? Did you talk to Sue?


A:I'm curious to know what happened.


A:Like what?

C:有的人说跟Lyn不熟, 买礼物好像不太合适。但是大家并不介意凑份子,一起给Lyn买个像样的礼物。

A:Sometimes with these events, people aren't sure how much to spend, like you, and they don't want to come off looking stingy or cheap. Occasionally someone just doesn't have any extra money to spend on an unanticipated expense.


A:So did you work things out?


A:That sounds like you all came up with the perfect solution. It is always nice to recognize special occasions in the office, like birthdays, weddings and the arrival of babies.


A:I agree. These occasions are opportunities to build relationships with our co-workers, get to know each other outside the office and have some fun together. B if everyone is not in agreement, you'll create ill will instead of good will.