048 Obscenity in the Office


(Office ambience)

C:Hi Amy, 你有时间吗?

A:Sure. Come into my office and tell me what's on your mind.

C:刚才开会的时候,我们的老板Mr. Jones对年终报表上的数字大发雷霆,说财会部门没有好好追查公司的欠款。

A:I can understand why Mr. Jones was upset. What did he say?

C:他说的不少词我都没听懂,后来Todd告诉我,这些都是American obscenities, 是不是就是英语里的脏话啊?

A:That's right. Obscenities are not nice words. They are curse words. When some people get mad, they resort to using bad language to express their anger.


A:Swearing, which is another word for cursing, is never effective. It only makes the person who is cursing look badly and is awkward for everyone else.

C:我们下午还要开会,希望Mr. Jones能冷静下来。



A:How did it go this afternoon at your meeting?

C:Mr. Jones不仅冷静了下来,而且还跟我们所有人道歉。他承认自己上午开会时非常失态。

A:What did he say?


A:Did he say anything else?


A:Cursing has become all too common these days. So much so that some people think nothing of it.

They don't realize the negative effect it can have on their careers or business relationships.


A:No, it is never appropriate to curse in public. You have no idea of the effect you'll have on others. Besides you can't predict who may be present and will recognize you later as the foul-mouthed person at the baseball game.


A:If you are around total strangers whom you are not likely to see again, ignore them and move on. If you are with co-workers, suggest that you are willing to meet with them and discuss issues with them, but not when they use obscene language.


A:That's a good idea.