066 Finding the Approachable People at the Business/Social Function


(Office ambience)

C:谢谢你陪我来,Amy, 每次公司有这种应酬,我都特别不自在。

A:Why not? They are usually upscale events held in attractive places with good food.


A:That's one of the reasons we go, to meet other business people and build productive relationships.


A:Yes, reconnecting with people to maintain professional contacts.


A:We talked a while back about being prepared, finding out about the people who will be at the event and planning what you will talk about.


A:To be courteous, you need to know which people are approachable and which ones are not.


A:Let's find a quiet spot where I can give you a few tips.



C:Any, 你快告诉我,什么样的人我可以主动走过去搭讪呢?

A:The most approachable ones are standing alone. They are probably looking for someone to talk to.


A:There are signals you can use to see if the person standing alone is friendly or not.


A:That's right. Look the other person in the eye as you approach. If he looks away or ignores you, that's a clear message that he is not interested in meeting you.


A:After you have made eye contact, smile at the person. If he returns your smile, you have a non-verbal invitation to approach.


A:Move on and look for someone else.


A:That would be a waste of time. Look for a group of three or more people and try the same tactic.


A:Walk up to the group, stand slightly back, make eye contact with each one and smile. A soon as they acknowledge you, introduce yourself.


A:Same as before. Keep moving until you find welcoming people.

C:那 是不是只有有两个人在交谈,应该更容易加入吧?

A:Absolutely not. Those are the people you want to avoid.