067 Annoying Voice Mail Phrases


(Office ambience)

C:Amy, 你有时间吗?

A:Sure. What's up?


A:I haven't checked my voice mail yet. I have been out of the office so I haven't heard her message.


A:I'm all ears!


A:What are we supposed to say?


A:I always try to let people know when I am away from the office for a few days.


A:Did she say more?


A:I've had people do that and when I called the other person, she wasn't in so I found myself in another voice mail. That's annoying.




A:Wow, Mae made some other good points about our greetings. I get tired of hearing "Your call is very important to me." I agree that we should drop that phrase, especially when it often lacks sincerity.

C:对啊,“你的电话对我很重要”根本就是废话。还有就是“我很遗憾没有接到你的电话 -- "I am sorry I missed your call." 有那个时间,还不如说点有用的。

A:I usually tell people that I will call them back as soon as possible. Mae says to avoid saying, "I'll call you back as soon as possible." A simple "I'll call you back" is all that is needed.


A:It's clear to me that we all have fallen into a rut, by leaving a greeting that sounds as if we are reading from a script.


A:What we need to do is update our greeting on a regular basis so callers know that we are attentive to our message system.


A:But we don't need to take up more time than necessary.

C:好,我这就去改我的电话留言,就说 "Hello, this is Chen Hao. I will be in the office today. Please leave a message and I will call you back.”

A:Sounds good to me.