068 Participating in Company Social Events


(Office ambience)

C:Amy, 你看见副总裁布朗先生有关公司野餐的电子邮件了吗?

A:Yes, I read it this morning. It sounds like fun. I think the committee is planning a full day of activities.


A:You sound as if you have a problem with all this.


A:It's become a tradition, and it is always held on the same weekend each year. We have a great time.


A:Chen Hao, That is not a good idea. Everybody is expected to be there. It's really not an option unless you have a legitimate reason for your absence.


A:You need to understand how these events are part of your job. Let's take a minute and sit over there in the park to discuss this.




A:Let me see if I can explain this to you. If you want to be a successful member of the team, you have to do more than just show up for work every day and do your job.


A:First of all, they are a way to build relationships with our colleagues and co-workers. You get to see another side of people when you do things together outside of work. You establish friendships on another level.


A:Having good relationships with co-workers can make daily work life more pleasant and make shared assignments go more smoothly.


A:By serving on a committee and helping out with the event, you have the opportunity to reveal leadership skills and to express a spirit of cooperation.


A:That's right. There are events for adults and children. Everyone brings their family so it is all quite lively.


A:Of course you do. Displaying an interest in their family says that you value more than just your workplace relationship with your co-workers.