075 Cell Phone Civility


(Office ambience)

A:Chen Hao, I can't believe what you were doing during that meeting.


A:You were using your cell phone to send text messages.


A:He was out of line, too. It's rude to send and receive text messages during a meeting.


A:Even if you felt it was a waste of your time, you needed to give the meeting and everyone there your full attention.


A:Several people were aware that you were texting and they didn't look happy about it. What if your boss had been there? Would you have done the same thing?


A:That should tell you something. He would have called you down for that.


A:Ok, let's go to that little sandwich shop around the corner.



C:是我的电话,对不起,Amy。Hello, Oh, hi Sue. What's up? You can't find the report? It's in a green file folder. Call me back if you don't see it. Bye.

A:That was rude.


A:It's discounting to others when you take calls and have conversations with people who are not present.


A:You don't have to be available every minute of every day to whoever calls. When you are in meetings or at meals with other people, you should turn off your phone or put it on silent ringer.


A:You can always check your voice mail afterwards and return calls later when you are alone.


A:In that case, you explain to the person or group that you are expecting an important call and ask them to excuse you to answer if it comes in. Then you go to a private location to talk.

C:你是说,我应该事先告诉别人,我在等一个重要电话,然后到旁边去接。可是Amy, 其他人好像并没有这么做啊。

A:That doesn't mean its acceptable behavior or good manners. When you talk on the phone in front of other people, you send a message that the person you are with is not as important as the one on the phone.