077 Unspoken Messages


(Office ambience)

A:CH, What happened to you during your presentation?


A:You were doing a great job. You obviously had done extensive research. You had good materials. You were completely confident until half-way through.


A:Yes. You suddenly became unsure of your self.

C:唉,都是因为Mr. Stone, 上个月从纽约来的副总。

A:What about him?


A:Did you try to ignore that?


A:Did Mr. Stone do anything else?


A:He's the key decision maker these days.


A:Try not to let this upset you too much until you meet with him. Let me know what happens, will you?



A:How did things go with Mr. Stone?

C:完全是虚惊一场。Mr. Stone还表扬我,说我工作很有成绩。

A:That's great.


A:You were reading his body language this morning and he clearly wasn't sending a positive message.

C:Body language? 肢体语言?

A:Words aren't the only way we communicate. We send messages with our bodies.

C:那Mr. Stone的肢体语言为什么跟他的想法不一样呢?

A:Perhaps he was distracted or had something else on his mind. Evidently he was listening to you, but that is not the impression you got.


A:Normally, you could have stopped at that point and asked for questions or opinions, specifically addressing the person who didn't seem to be involved.

C:停下来征求意见和问题?可Mr. Stone是老板啊?

A:In this case, you were in a tough spot since he is the vice-president.


A:That's a good lesson for all of us. Too often we send nonverbal messages without being aware of how others interpret them.


A:Body language can be used to impress people or to turn them off. It is directly related to good manners if you think about it.


A:Positive body language like giving someone your full attention and having a pleasant expression on your face are all part of showing courtesy and respect.