080 Dressing for Business in the Heat of the Summer


(Office ambience)

CH:Hi Amy. 坐下一起吃吧!

A: I'd love to.

CH: 最近有什么新鲜事吗?

A: Well, I can tell that word got around about our being able to dress more comfortably during these hot days.

CH: 是啊,天太热了,公司宣布放松着装要求。你看我,就只穿了长袖衬衣,把西装和领带放在办公室里,万一要见客户再穿。

A: Your dress shirt is fine, except that you are not wearing an undershirt.

CH: 什么?里面还要穿汗衫?那不是更热了嘛!

A: Still it is necessary. When a man isn't wearing an undershirt, it is obvious and he looks unprofessional.

CH: 你能说说男人一定要穿汗衫的理由吗?

A: For one it adds polish. Neither men nor women need to be dressed in see-through clothing in the business world.

CH: 上班不应该穿透心的衣服。还有呢?

A: An undershirt adds a layer of protection.

CH: 多穿一层不是很热吗?

A: It's because of the heat that you need the layer of protection.

CH: 我还是不明白,有什么可保护的啊?

A: When you perspire, the undershirt protects the dress shirt from showing the moisture and causing stains. It also absorbs some of the odor if you perspire heavily.

C: 哦,我明白了,汗衫可以吸汗,这样外面就看不出来汗渍了。



CH: Hi Amy, 我今天穿得如何?

A: You mean the undershirt?

CH: 是啊,这回总行了吧!

A: I guess I didn't explain myself completely. You are wearing a crew-neck undershirt.

CH: 穿高领衫难道不行吗?

A: It would be fine if your shirt was buttoned at the neck, but you are wearing it open and I can see your undershirt.

CH: 我以前也见过别人这么穿,所以才觉得没问题的。

A: People shouldn't see your undergarments. If you want to wear a shirt that is open at the collar, choose a v-neck style.

CH: 那好,我中午出去买两件V型领口的汗衫。

A: Good idea. And while you are at it, you might want to buy some socks to match your slacks and your shoes.

CH: 不能穿白袜子吗?

A: They don't belong at work. Socks should always match your shoes or your slacks. Besides, white socks are far too casual.

CH: 那我能不能不穿袜子呢?今天会计科一个新来的就没穿袜子,这样就不存在搭配的问题了。

A: I suspect he will hear about that and you'll see him with socks on tomorrow.