083 Special Needs

公关部主任Janet Liu召集下属开会,询问中东代表团的活动安排。

Janet Liu: Good morning, Silvia. Good morning, Pete. How is my public relations team doing today?

Silvia Kranson: Morning, Ms. Liu.

Pete Chan: Very well, thank you.

J: I called this meeting to check up on preparations for the upcoming visit by the delegation from the Middle East. Any progress?

S: Actually the delegation has been scaled back to just two groups, one from Saudi Arabia and another from Israel.

J: OK...I assume accommodations have been taken care of?

P: Yes, the group from Saudi Arabia will stay at the Golden Palace while the team from Israel is booked at the Twin Oaks Resort.

Silvia告诉Janet说,中东代表团规模减小了,只剩下两组人,分别来自沙特阿拉伯和以色列。Silvia说的Scale back。 Scale back是缩小规模。

Pete报告说,旅馆也定好了。Their accommodations have been taken care of. Accommodations。


J: Can you give me a quick rundown of the schedule for when they're here?

S: The first day is free as they adjust to the time difference. We're planning a trip to our factory on day two, a cultural tour on day three and days four through six are at the seminar and workshop.

P: On the last day we've planned some great meals and we'll top off the evening with some fun at a karaoke bar.

简单说一下日程安排:A quick rundown of the schedule。第一天倒时差,adjust to the time difference. 第二天参观工厂,第三天文艺活动,第四天到第六天办学习班。最后一天吃饭卡拉OK。让我们听听Janet为什么不满意。

S: Yeah, we're taking them to Sam's Super Pork Restaurant for lunch and dinner is at Wang's Seafood Paradise.

J: Um...that could be a problem. Have you considered that they might have special dietary needs? Most people in Saudi Arabia are Muslims, and Muslims don't eat pork. In fact, they might only eat Halal food.


P: Halal?

J: Yes, Halal means food, especially meat, that's been prepared according to Islamic religious laws. The Israeli group could also be a problem as many of them might be Jewish and keep Kosher.

S: Kosher?

J: It's similar to the Muslim rules, but Kosher is a Jewish system of dietary laws. People who keep Kosher don't eat pork, shrimp or crab.

S: So I guess we will have to reconsider the meals.