094 Expense Accounts 2


Tim: I'm not going to sugarcoat it: we'll have to cut back on our expenses or we'll have to cut back on staff, something I'd rather not do.

M: But we still have discretionary spending money, right?

T: Sure. You can spend half of the $300 on whatever you want without providing a receipt.

经理Tim说,我不想粉饰太平,sugarcoat it. 实际情况是,不减少开支,就得裁员。 Mike问,是不是还有discretionary spending money, 可以随便支配的钱。答案是,三百块里一半的开销都可以不交收据。

S: What other ways can we help cut costs?

T: Well, if it's a flight of less than four hours, we're going to ask you to fly economy class. For long distance flights you can still use business class.

J: And we need to talk about client dinners. I know you have to take the client to a nice place. I know you can't take them to McDonald's.

T: But...the five Michelin star A+1 Golden Steakhouse? That's pushing it. I see a $265 claim here for a business dinner for two. That's got to come down.

Tim说,今后凡是不到四个小时的短途飞行,一律改为经济舱。John补充说,请客户吃饭,虽然不能去麦当劳,但两个人吃牛排花265块,则未免有些过份。That's pushing it.

S: Actually, I've been doing more Internet research before I take clients to business meals. I've found you can save a lot of money by choosing an interesting, special place that isn't necessarily expensive.

T: Right! Say, "I know this little place..." and take them somewhere cool, but not at $265 a pop!

Shannon建议,不用带客户去太贵的地方吃饭,可以带他们去一些更有意思,但并不贵的餐馆。Tim赞成,说最好是take them somewhere cool, but not at $265 a pop. A pop是每次花多少钱的意思。

M: Another thing: stay out of the hotel bar! It's outrageous what they charge for a couple of cocktails! Go find a bar down the street to meet at. It's got more character and it's substantially cheaper.

J: Yes, good thinking.

M: And it goes without saying, the hotel room's "adult" movies are not business expenses.


T: No, they most certainly aren't! Thanks guys! I appreciate your understanding.

Mike补充说,旅馆酒吧太贵。最好能出去找个酒吧见面。不仅便宜,而且It's got more character. 还更有个性。Mike 搞笑道,It goes without saying不用说,旅馆的成人电影是不能报销的。