098 Giving to a Charity 2


J: The recommendation is that 60% of funds should go to projects with no more than 40% going to the charity's own costs.

M: Here's another good website: CharityNavigator.org. You can search specific groups and check their ratings. Red Cross is number five in the "Most Recommended Charities."

G: There's also animal-related groups. How about the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?

F: They're number four on the list. Sounds good.


J: World Vision is number one. They're a Christian group that provides lot of medical assistance in Asia and Africa.

M: And of course, while we all enjoy doing a good deed, we do need to ensure that the company can get a tax break from our contributions.

G: I'll double check that donations to each of those groups are in fact tax-deductible.

向亚洲和非洲提供医疗帮助的基督教团体“世界视野” 名列第一。 Michael提醒说,做好事的同时,也要保证公司的捐款能抵税。 We do need to ensure that the company get a tax break from our contributions. Gina说,她会double check查清楚,这些慈善捐款都是能够抵税的。

F: I just had a thought. Every year we give corporate donations and that's all well and good, but we might consider giving our time instead.

G: Interesting! You mean like volunteering? I like it.

M: Hummm.... that could work. Any specific suggestions?

F: Well, we all have our pet causes. Gina is an animal lover. I have church projects. Jenny is a computer genius....we all have something we could teach or offer.


J: That idea is very worth considering. In some ways, that's a lot more meaningful than giving money.

G: Yeah. Even doing something simple like volunteering to answer the phone lines at the Red Cross can be a huge help.

M: Ok, how about if we give half of our contribution as donations and for the other half we give our time or expertise to the group of our choice?

All: Agreed!

大家都觉得这个主意不错。Jenny说,从某种角度说,这比给钱更有意义。 That's a lot more meaningful than giving money. 最后大家一致同意,捐款只做为慈善募捐的一部分。另外一部分由大家自己挑选慈善团体,为它们贡献时间或是专业技能。