100 Go Green 2


T: I've recently noticed how much paper I use on a daily basis and I've been trying to cut down. I've found that I very rarely actually need to print emails. Also, by utilizing my fax-modem, I don't ever need to print a hardcopy for faxing.

H: That's gonna add up! In the end you'll find it makes a huge positive difference!

D: But you know, even with all these good ideas and strategies, I feel like it counts for nothing when you factor in air travel. Our people make a lot of international trips each year and flying puts tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

总裁Tim说,他最近一直注意节省纸张。节能专家Henry表示,That's gonna add up! 日积月累,一定会有成效。


H: Ah! Good point! Well, for starters, with teleconferencing and instant email one would hope business travel could be reduced. Did you know an economy class flight from Baltimore to Taipei makes you responsible for just over four tons of CO2? If you fly business class the number jumps to 12 tons.

Henry说,从巴尔的摩到台北一张economy class经济舱机票相当于释放四吨二氧化碳,business class商务舱更可怕,相当于排放12吨二氧化碳。

T: But sometimes there's just no alternative. We have to check out factories, locations and in some countries, you really have to look the person in the eye and physically shake their hand.

H: This is true. So I'd like you all to consider buying carbon credits.

总裁Tim提出,有些时候,除了出差,没有其他办法。 Henry因此建议大家考虑购买carbon credits碳信用额。

F: Ah, I've heard about that. You can actually calculate how much carbon your trip is likely to put into the environment and you can offset that by paying to plant some trees.

H: That's right! There are web sites such as CarbonPlanet.com. They can help you work out our carbon debt, and then direct you to where you can buy carbon credits that go toward planting new trees.

D: That would make me feel a lot less guilty.

H: Well, it's great that you are all so willing to do your part to make a difference. Let's get back together in two weeks for another brainstorming session.

碳信用额就是把飞行里程折合成对环境的伤害,然后出钱种树,作为补偿。 大家决定两周后,have another brainstorming session再开会,继续集思广益。