105 Fitness Program 1

公司高管Peter, Jason和Helen开会讨论员工保健项目。 Peter首先发言。

Peter: Well folks, we've come to the last item on our agenda: our corporate wellness program.

Jason: Yeah, I'm very interested to see where you're going to do with this. It's a very delicate issue.

P: Yes, it can be. But here's our general thinking: if employees are healthier the company benefits and makes more profit. Making more profit is good for everyone in the company.

会议最后一项议事日程是公司的保健项目。The last item on the agenda is the corporate wellness program。这是个delicate issue很棘手、很微妙的问题。Peter解释说,员工健康会增加公司的利润,公司利润的提高对大家都有好处。

P: Studies show that when employees are fit, there is less illness, a better attitude toward work, lower absenteeism and even better relationships at work.

Helen: Ok...I get you. But I'm concerned about our company becoming a kind of "big brother." Is it really our job to tell our workers how to care for themselves?

有研究说,雇员健康的好处包括:少生病,工作态度改善,少请假,以及更为融洽的同事关系。这里的 absenteeism, 是缺席的意思。Helen说,I get you. 我明白你的意思。但她担心公司会成为对员工指手划脚的big brother过于专制的老大哥。

P: Well, let me explain the idea. The first part is on our side. We in management need to provide some kind of affordable exercise options. I've spoken to several of our designers who say they would definitely sign another year's contract if we could provide exercise options.

J: So part of the plan is an effort to retain talent?

P: Yep. And to that end we will be turning the basement level into a small workout center with a shower.

Peter解释说,公司要提供某种形式的健身项目,目的之一是to retain talent. 留住人才。为此,公司准备把地下室改造成带淋浴的小型健身中心,a small workout center with a shower.

H: I like that. Then we could be flexible with what time we workout. Come in early, stay late or even grab a workout during a lunch break...that would be great.

P: It requires some investment on our part, but we really do believe it could boost productivity.

J: I'm on board for that!

这样一来,大家健身的时间可以很机动,very flexible, 可以早来、可以晚走,也可以利用午饭时间,during lunch break. Jason说,I'm on board for that. 我支持。