111 Job Interview 2

David Tang到Players杂志社求职面试,考官是杂志社经理Fred Dixon。

F: Ok...what do you think are your biggest weaknesses?

D: Hmm...I'd say that my biggest weakness is a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I get too close to the project and need to step back to get the whole picture.

F: All right. How would you say you react under pressure?

D: I've had to make a lot of major adjustments in my life such as moving to a new country, learning a new language and making new friends. I'd say it was all quite stressful but I faced each challenge as it came and step-by-step things got better. For me I think the key is not to let things pile up but instead to face each problem as it comes and attack it head-on.

David说自己最大的缺点是有点perfectionist,万事追求完美。有时过份投入, get too close to something, 需要退一步纵观全局to step back to get the whole picture. David承受压力的能力也不差,他觉得关键是不能让问题积累起来,not to let things pile up,而是遇到一个解决一个, attack it head-on,迎头痛击。

F: Ok. So what would you say is the one thing that's most important to you in your job?

D: I'd say having good direction from my supervisors but also a high degree of freedom to implement creative ideas. I need guidance, but I don't want my creativity to be stifled.

F: Can you tell me why you left your last job?

D: Well, I needed a challenge. I felt like I was in a comfort zone and I needed to shake things up in my life. I enjoyed my time at my last job, but I feel like I'm ready for the major leagues.

David 说,他想换工作是因为感觉自己是在一个各方面都驾轻就熟的地方,I was in a comfort zone, 需要变化,to shake things up. 他觉得I'm ready for the major leagues. 应该更上一层楼了。 Major League是职业棒球大联盟,代表棒球最高水平,高于minor league小联盟。

F: I noticed that you have recommendation letters from each of your previous supervisors. Their comments are all quite positive.

D: I'm honored that they value my work. I've found that I generally get along well with co-workers. I'm just not really into drama and I'm pretty easy-going.

F: Well...thanks for coming in today, David. We will be reviewing your info and you'll get a callback within a week.

D: Great! And thanks for your time, Fred. I'll be looking forward to your call.

David以前的上司都给他写了很好的推荐信。他说自己not into drama,不喜欢惹事生非,pretty easy-going,很好相处。Fred听上去对David很满意,说一周内给他回音。