115 Outsourcing 2


H: I guess one of the biggest questions here is how the general public might perceive these moves. Will we face a backlash for cutting some local jobs and moving some operations abroad?

P: Yes, it's entirely possible that we will get some negative press over this decision. We will need to do some damage

control and try to explain as best as possible the reasoning behind our decision.

D: I'll have a chat with our public relations people and brief them on how to respond to media inquires.

Helen担心公司业务外包,裁减员工,会引起社会反响,face a backlash。Pete也表示,媒体很可能会有负面报道, negative press, 因此要尽量控制不良影响, do some damage control。执行总裁 Dave表示,会和公关部门讨论,告诉他们如何回答媒体的问询。

P: The logic is pretty simple; either we make some needed cuts or the company risks going under and even more jobs will be lost.

D: We also want to be responsible players here. Let's offer job counseling and let's be reasonably generous with severance packages.

H: The companies that we plan on contracting to work for us have all been vetted by an independent auditor, right?

D: Yes, and they all passed with flying colors.

Pete表示,公司重组理由很简单,不裁员公司就可能破产,the company risks going under。Dave建议为遣散员工提供就业咨询,job counseling,遣散费也多给点,be generous with severance packages. Severance packages是遣散员工时给的补贴。Helen问,外包公司是否都已经通过了独立审计单位的审查, vet,是审查的意思。Dave表示,审查结果非常好,to pass with flying colors,意思是成功通过考查。

D: The law says sub-contracted firms must follow some basic guidelines such as no child labor, equal pay for men and women, etc. If they're not up to snuff, they have a certain number of days to rectify the situation. Otherwise, we have to find another firm.

H: So it's decided then. All in favor of outsourcing accounting and web maintenance please raise your hand.

P: Looks like it's a unanimous decision.

D: Thank you all for understanding. I'll write up a memo explaining this decision to everyone and send it out in a couple of days.

H and P: Sounds good.

D: All right, then. This meeting is adjourned.

Dave表示,法律规定,如果分包公司达不到基本要求,if they're not up to snuff, 必须在特定时间内改正to rectify the situation。 Up to snuff, snuff, 意思是合格的,符合标准的。

最后三人举手表决,同意将财会和网站管理业务外包。It's a unanimous decision. 决定一致通过。Dave准备写一份备忘录,几天后宣布。