124 Superstitions Etiquette 1


Pete: Hey Sue! Don't walk under that ladder...it's bad luck!

Sue: Julie, Is he serious?

Julie: Kind of. There is an old tradition in the West that says it's bad luck.

S: You mean a superstition?

J: Yes, I guess it is a superstition.

S: But, Julie...you're from the UK and Pete is American! I thought Western people weren't superstitious!

Pete: Actually, many of us are. In America we have a whole bunch of superstitions.

Pete警告Sue不要从梯子下面走,It's bad luck. 会带来坏运气。 Superstition迷信。Julie是英国人,Pete是美国人,原来,西方人也迷信。

S: Wow...I always thought Westerners considered superstitions old-fashioned. My family is Chinese; almost all of us are very superstitious.

Julie: Well, I think the superstitions might be different, but pretty much every country in the world has them.

S: Is the number "four" unlucky in the West?

J: No...I don't think so.

P: Um...wait. Why is the number "four" bad?

S: In Chinese the pronunciation of the "four" sounds a lot like the word for "death."

P: Oh, I can see why that would be bad.

Sue原以为,西方人觉得迷信是old-fashioned, 守旧过时的,只有中国人迷信,没想到,其实西方人也迷信,但是东西方迷信的内容不同。

J: We might be OK with the number "four" but some Western people think "thirteen" is an unlucky number.

P: That's true. Some buildings will skip the thirteenth floor or call it "12A" or something.

S: Ha! That's funny! In many Chinese places they do exactly the same thing with the fourth floor! But why is thirteen unlucky?

J: Well, it's not too clear how that happened...but it probably has something to do with twelve being a lucky number.

西方人不忌讳“四”,但是忌讳“十三”,很多大楼因此没有十三层,用12A来代替。Sue说,中国也有类似做法。不过,在西方文化里,“十三”为什么不吉利呢?Julie说,大概是因为“十三”前面的“十二”是一个lucky number,特别吉利的数字。

J: Twelve is a number featured in many stories and legends and so it's kind of considered to be a good number.

S: But thirteen is not?

P: Yeah...and the most unlucky day of all is if a Friday falls on the 13th of a month. That's considered to be a super unlucky day.

S: Yeah. I saw a horror movie called "Friday the 13" once!

J: Yeah! That's a great horror movie!