125 Superstitions Etiquette 2


S: What about walking under a ladder? What's wrong with that?

J: You know, I'm not really sure! But it's probably a good idea to avoid it...something might fall on your head!

P: That makes sense!

S: So many of your superstitions don't really have a specific origin?

J: Many of them might be related to religious issues...but the origin kind of gets lost in history.

Julie说,西方很多迷信都不知道是从哪来的了。The origin kind of gets lost in history. 比如说,从梯子下面走会带来坏运气,可为什么呢?或许是上面会掉东西下来砸到你吧。

P: Oh! I can think of one superstition that's related to religion. Many Western people say "Bless you!" to a person if they sneeze.

J: Right. That's because around 500 years ago, people thought saying "God Bless You" could help heal the person and stop the spread of disease.

P: Still today, many people say, "Bless you" after someone sneezes. It's now considered polite.

S: I think that's a sweet thing to say. Tell me some more Western superstitions!

不过,不少迷信跟宗教有关。 Pete举例说,有人打喷嚏,旁边的人说"Bless You" 就起源于宗教。 Julie说,大约五百年前,人们觉得说上帝保佑你God Bless You能防治疾病,但是今天,别人打喷嚏,你说Bless You已经变成一种礼貌了。

P: Well, if you see a black cat walking in front of you...bad luck might be coming very soon!

S: A black cat is kind of evil, huh? I guess that's why a witch always has a black cat!

J: Yeah...but I have a black cat at home and he's not evil at all. He's a sweet little cat.

P: I'd say many Western people don't take these things very seriously, but they are still a part of our culture.

J: I know one! Breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck! Back in ancient times, a mirror was said to be a window to your soul, so breaking one was very bad!

在西方,如果你前面有一只黑猫,那可糟了,意味着厄运临头。可Julie就养了只黑猫,可爱极了。看来西方人也并不真信,They don't take these things very seriously. 另外,打碎镜子代表七年的坏运气,因为古代人觉得镜子是通向心灵的窗口。

S: Do you have superstitions about where things are built?

J: You mean like Feng-Shui?

S: Yes! Exactly! How do you know about that?

P: Feng-Shui is becoming quite popular in the West. Some people now do try to follow some of the rules if they can.

S: Wow! It seems we are starting to share traditions!

P: Sure! Why not?

J: Yes...I think it's good to get to know each other's culture better.