127 Christmas in America 2


D: Would you say Christmas is the most popular American holiday?

C: Definitely. It's a really big deal. Most people don't work on that day, and if you ask someone to work you have to pay them a lot of overtime.

D: Should I bring presents for all of his family members?

C: That's probably not necessary because you're a guest. You could bring a small souvenir or something from China for them. But one tradition is to bring a nice bottle of wine.

圣诞节是美国的重要节日。Charlie说,It's a really big deal. 意思是说圣诞节确实非常重要。大家都放假,让人加班,得付很多加班费。 You have to pay them a lot of overtime. Overtime是加班费的意思。去朋友家过圣诞节,要给每个人买礼物吗? Charlie认为不用,只要带个中国纪念品就行了。但是美国人去朋友家作客,有带葡萄酒的传统。

D: Is there a lot of drinking during Christmas?

C: It depends on the family, but I'd say most people probably do enjoy alcoholic drinks. Have you ever tried eggnog?

D: No, what's that?

C: It's an alcoholic drink that sort of tastes like egg custard. It's sweet and warm and perfect for the cold winter season.

D: Sounds delightful. What's the traditional menu?

Charlie说,美国人过圣诞节,most people do enjoy alcoholic drinks, 大多数人都喜欢喝一杯,其中一种很普遍的酒精饮料叫eggnog, eggnog is spelled e-g-g-n-o-g, eggnog, 这种饮料味道甜甜的,温温的,适合天气冷的时候喝。圣诞节有什么传统菜肴吗?

C: Probably roast chicken. During Thanksgiving most people eat turkey. Actually, we Americans eat way too much food during the holiday season. When New Year comes around, everybody makes a resolution to lose weight!

D: Are there fireworks or any kind of public events?

C: Not really. Usually in the town center there's a huge Christmas tree. All the streets are lined with Christmas lights...it's really quite pretty.

Charlie说,圣诞节很多家庭会吃烤鸡。他还说,美国人过节总会吃很多东西,we Americans eat way too much food during the holiday season. 所以新年一到,大家都会立志减肥。