128 Christmas in America 3


D: I've heard that some Americans celebrate and open presents on Christmas Eve, while others choose Christmas morning. What's the difference?

C: Each American family makes their own Christmas traditions. My uncle eats hot dogs every Christmas....don't ask me why, that's just his thing. When I was a kid, we opened our presents on Christmas Eve but our neighbor always had to wait until Christmas morning.

D: That's kind of nice...everybody makes their own traditions.

美国有些家庭圣诞前夜拆礼物,有些家庭则要等到圣诞节一大早。有区别吗?Charlie说,这要看每个家庭的习惯, Everybody makes their own traditions. 比如说,Charlie的叔叔每年圣诞节都要吃热狗。那是为什么?Charlie说,don't ask me why, that's just his thing. 意思是不要问我为什么,他就是这么个习惯。

C: We have lots of different kinds of people in America...lots of different religions, lots of different nationalities. Jewish people don't celebrate Christmas, but they have a winter festival called Hanukkah. Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists don't celebrate Christmas either, but almost everybody in America enjoys the winter holiday season.

D: So I can expect to see snow?

C: There is a pretty good chance it will snow. But you better hope there isn't a blizzard! If there's a storm, you might not be able to go anywhere.

在美国,并非所有人都庆祝圣诞节。犹太人不过圣诞,他们过的是hanukkah。 Hanukkah is spelled h-a-n-u-k-k-a-h, 光明节。另外,穆斯林、印度教和佛教徒都不过圣诞节,但是几乎所有人都喜欢过节的气氛。Charlie告诉Dana, there is a pretty good chance it will snow. 很有可能会赶上下雪,但是最好不要是暴风雪,blizzard.

D: Well, I'm certainly looking forward to this trip. I think it will be a lot of fun.

C: Christmas in America is great...especially if you don't have to do any Christmas shopping. For me that's the worst part....crowded shopping malls...crazy people. I love Christmas, but I hate Christmas shopping.

D: Someone told me the day after Christmas is a good day for sales.

C: That's true. You can go check out the malls on the 26th.

D: Sounds like a plan. Thanks for your input, Charlie.

C: My pleasure and a Merry Christmas!

D: Merry Christmas to you, too!

Charlie最头疼圣诞节前出去买礼物,因为外面到处都是人。不过,圣诞节次日是大减价的日子。The day after Christmas is a good day for sales. You can go check out the malls. 可以到商场去逛逛。