129 Becoming Fluent in English 1


Penny Liu: Hey, Robert! I was listening to you speak Chinese at the presentation yesterday! You're fluent!

Robert: Oh, that's kind of you to say, but in reality I'm just able to hold a conversation.

P: You are too modest. Seriously, I was really impressed. I actually wanted to know how you did it because I really want to take my English to the next level.

P: But your English is fantastic.

P: Yeah, it's pretty good. But I'm aiming to become completely fluent. Do you have any tips?

Penny称赞美国同事Robert中文说得流利,fluent,给她留下了深刻印象。I was really impressed. Penny问Robert 学习语言有什么窍门,那么Robert有什么建议呢?

R: Well, I studied at a major university in Taipei before coming to Beijing. And I lived in Hong Kong for over a year as well.

P: So you're saying I'll have to live in an English-speaking country?

R: It certainly doesn't hurt. But there are some things you can do if that is not an option.

P: For example?

R: When I first began studying Chinese, I found that watching Chinese movies was a really big help. Turn off the subtitles and watch and listen closely.

原来,Robert在中文环境中生活过一段时间。可如果没有这种条件,if that is not an option, Robert说,看电影会有很大帮助,并建议关掉字幕,turn off the subtitles, subtitles is spelled s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s, subtitles是字幕的意思。

P: But they speak so fast in movies! Will I be able to understand?

R: You could watch a movie you have already seen before...but no subtitles. That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech.

P: What about vocabulary? Should I just try to memorize more words?

R: Memorization can't hurt, but it's sometimes hard to learn words that have no context. Many times when I learn a new Chinese word, I don't really understand it until I hear or see how it's used in a sentence.

P: So I need to find a context for the words.

R: Right!

电影对白说话太快,跟不上怎么办。Robert建议Penny选择以前看过的电影,然后关掉字幕。That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech. 这样就能慢慢找到语言的节奏。单词量vocabulary 不够怎么办?Robert说,死记硬背固然没有害处,可有时候少了上下文,单词的意思是很难准确理解和掌握的。Robert对提高英语水平还有哪些好的建议,我们下次继续听。