139 Social Networking 1


Brad: Hey Jimmy, a couple of us are going out to Sam's Bar after work. Care to join us?

Jimmy: Oh, um...thanks for the invitation, but I'm pretty tired. I think I'll take a rain check.

Pam: But you took a rain check last time!

J: Yeah, I know. I'm just not so fond of bars.

Brad说他们几个人下班准备一起去酒吧,问Jimmy要不要一起来,'Care to join us?' Jimmy推辞说很累,还说I'll take a rain check. 意思是这次算了,改天吧。比如说,朋友约你去逛街,可你已经说好跟男朋友吃饭,就可以说I'll take a rain check. 下次吧!

P: Well, how about joining the company picnic next Saturday? We're playing beach volleyball and you could join our team! Come on! It'll be fun!

J: Um...you're so kind, but...I'm really not sure if I'll be able to make it.

B: Hey! I've got the perfect idea! We're making plans for a dinner appointment with all the department heads this Sunday...you should definitely come!

Pam不肯放弃,问Jimmy要不要参加下星期六的公司野餐,company picnic, 还可以加入他们的沙滩排球队。 Jimmy再次推辞,说自己可能去不了。I'm really not sure if I'll be able to make it. 这里说的to make it就是参加、出席的意思。比如说,朋友请你参加生日派对,可你那天已经有了安排,你就可以说I'll try to make it. 我一定争取来。

J: Uh...guys, I really appreciate what your trying to do, and I don't mean to be a wallflower. I'm just a bit shy. Plus, I really don't like loud bars or clubs.

B: Let me tell you a secret. I hate bars and clubs too! But, I know that going out and being seen is a big part of networking.

J: You mean like on a computer?

P: No, Brad means social networking.

B: Basically, it means going out and meeting people. It really can mean the difference between success and being stuck at a career dead-end.

Jimmy知道Brad和Pam的好意,说自己I don't mean to be a wallflower. 这里所说的wallflower壁花,指的是因为天性腼腆,或是不招人喜欢、所以很不合群的人。Jimmy承认,自己不愿意参加这些活动,主要是因为害羞。

Brad马上说,其实他也很讨厌酒吧、夜总会这种地方,但是I know that going out and being seen is a big part of social networking. 经常出去,跟人接触是建立社交关系网的一个重要部分。这里所说的的social networking, 就是多结识一些人,扩大社交关系圈子。

Social networking对事业发展很重要,可能会决定一个人的成功,还是, being stuck at a career dead-end在事业上走进死胡同。