141 Social Networking 3

Jimmy因为天性腼腆,所以每逢社交活动,一律能推就推。同事Brad和Pam想帮他克服这个障碍。Pam问 Jimmy,

P: When you are walking down the street, do you judge the people you see?

J: Not really. Maybe only if they're wearing something really weird.

P: Right! So it helps to remember that others are usually not judging you.

J: Yeah, that does sort of help.

P: Another important point is that practice makes perfect. I sometimes make public speeches, but the first couple of times

I did it I was nervous and sweating and I thought I was going to die!


Pam还说,practice makes perfect熟能生巧。比如说,家长经常会告诉孩子,钢琴要天天弹,因为practice makes perfect. Pam说,自己以前很怕当众发言,每次讲话前,都特别紧张,要死要活的,I thought I was going to die! Jimmy说,

J: But after a couple times it got better, right?

P: Yep. These days I actually enjoy making speeches!

B: I suggest you just jump right in and say, "yes" whenever you have a chance to socialize. You never know what you might find.

P: Yeah, I've found friendship, business opportunities and even romance in the most unexpected places.

结果还真应了那句话,practice makes perfect. Pam现在居然很喜欢当众讲话了。

Brad建议Jimmy, 只要有机会出去社交,就应该jump right in,立即欣然接受。Pam也在一边帮腔说,她就曾经在最意想不到的地方交到过朋友、碰到过商业机遇,甚至还找到过爱情的火花! The most unexpected places,意思是最意想不到的地方。比如说,我朋友生病住院的时候认识了她现在的先生。我们就可以说,She met her husband in one of the most unexpected places.

B: But if you don't jump in, you'll never have a chance.

K: Thanks guys! I'm going to make a greater effort to network and overcome my shyness. And yes, I'd love to join you at the bar this evening and I'd be happy to play volleyball for your team on Saturday. I'll even come to dinner this Sunday!

B: That's the spirit!

P: See you later!

就是啊,如果你不去尝试体验,就永远不会有机会。 Jimmy最后终于被说服了。他保证要加倍努力去network, 克服自己胆怯的障碍。

他还说,愿意下班一起去酒吧,星期六也愿意去打排球,甚至表示要去参加部门经理的晚餐会。Brad听后很高兴,That's the spirit! 意思是,这就对了。That's the spirit,是一句经常用来鼓励别人的话。比如说,孩子比赛输了虽然沮丧,但表示会再接再励,家长就可以说,That's the spirit! 这就对了。再比如,如果有人找工作,面试没有被录取,但表示不灰心,继续找,我们也可以说,That's the spirit!