148 Dress Code 2


P: I'm inclined to agree with Frank. You know that old saying: "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, almost everyone DOES judge by what they see on the outside. I think we do need to present a more professional image.

F: Some of the ladies may also have to tone down their attire as well. Clothes that are too revealing are not appropriate either.

G: What exactly is acceptable and what is not?

俗话说,Don't judge a book by its cover,人不可貌相,可实际上,Penny表示,几乎所有人都难免以貌取人judge by what they see on the outside, 因此公司需要树立专业形象。

Frank又说,女员工穿着也要tone down收敛,不能过于暴露,revealing, r-e-v-e-a-l-i-n-g, revealing,是暴露的意思。 那到底什么样儿才符合要求呢?

F: Well, for the men it's pretty simple. They should wear a button-down shirt with a collar and preferably a tie as well. Jeans are not acceptable.

P: For the women I'd say professional looking skirts or dresses that go down to at least the knee are acceptable. And blouses or shirts should not show too much skin.

F: And of course, no sandals or flip-flops. Shorts are NEVER acceptable.

P: Do you think members of the board should try to dress especially well?

F: Yes I do. We are representatives of the company and we need to be a good example. I'd say the men should try to wear a full business suit when possible.

男人简单,无非是衬衫领带,不穿牛仔。女人则要穿职业女装,裙子过膝,上衣不能太露,一个字,professional looking,看上去要职业化。此外,凉鞋、拖鞋和短裤是万万不能穿的。Frank还说,理事会成员代表公司,要以身作则,穿得更正式。

G: Can we still have "Casual Fridays?"

F: (Chuckle) Sure, Gary...let's keep that tradition. But "casual" can't be too casual. I'd say jeans are OK on Fridays, but no T-shirts. Polo shirts or short-sleeved sports shirts are OK.

G: So I guess we are going to need to send out a memo with these new guidelines. Some people aren't going to be very happy about this.

F: Well, we in management can lead by example.

P: Actually, I kind of enjoy getting dressed up! It's fun!

G: And I guess I'll get used to the new rules. I do look pretty good in a suit.

F& P: (Chuckle)

Frank同意保留星期五随意着装的传统,但不能太过份,牛仔裤可以穿,带领子的马球衫Polo shirts和短袖衬衣可以穿,但是没领子的T恤衫还是不行。Gary最后无可奈何地说,I guess I'll get used to the new rules,我想我会慢慢习惯新规矩的。