159 Kickbacks 3


D: What would you like me to do?

S: How much does this lowlife inspector want?

D: About 2,500 dollars, sir.

S: Well, I'm going to spend that same amount on lawyers and we're going to sue this guy!

Simon问,那个质检官员想要多少钱。Simon用lowlife来形容此人,lowlife is spelled l-o-w-l-i-f-e, lowlife意思是卑鄙的,下流的。原来,此人要价并不高,只要两千五百美元就能解决问题。Simon决定,就用这笔钱来sue this guy把此人告上法庭。

D: You want to take legal action against him?

S: That's right. Call our legal department and tell them to get a team and get down there.

D: Maybe I can get the on-site manager to record their conversation. Then we'll have evidence.

S: Good idea! But don't forget, our best evidence is our building. It's completely up to standard so if it's re-inspected, anyone can see we are following the law.

D: That's true. The building will speak for itself.

对某人提出诉讼,可以说sue someone, 也可以说to take legal action against someone. Donny建议把跟质检官员的对话偷偷录下来,做为证据,evidence. 不过,Simon强调说,我们的工程才是最有力的证据。因为这一工程完全符合标准, completely up to standard。Donny也说,the building will speak for itself. speak for itself, 无需解释,明摆着的,意思是建筑工程就摆在那里,是最有说服力的证据。

S: And tell the legal team not to cut any corners and to proceed with this case by the book. We are sending a message here that bribery won't be tolerated.

D: Wow, sir! I've never seen you so worked up.

S: Well, I'm sick and tired and I'm not going to put up with this anymore! Let's get this bad guy!

D: I'm on it, sir!

Simon说,让律师们不要cut corners, cut corners意思是偷工减料,一切要按法律上的规定去办,by the book意思是严格遵守法律。Donny从来没见老板Simon如此激动过,I've never seen you so worked up. worked is spelled w-o-r-k-e-d, worked up,是激动的意思。Simon说,I'm sick and tired,在这里,sick and tired不是我又病又累,而是指厌倦了某件事情。Simon还说,I'm not going to put up with this. put up with something,指忍受一件事情。Donny最后说,I'm on it,意思是交给我吧,我这就去办。