160 Trade Expo 1

公司开会, 经理Nick高兴地宣布,

Nick: Well folks...I've got good news! Everything is finalized and we will be setting up a booth at the trade fair in Frankfurt!

(Sound of people clapping)

Elaine: That's great news! The application process was so difficult, but I'm glad we made it!

Mark: The trade show in Frankfurt is the biggest textile show in the world so it's great that we can have a presence there!

公司在法兰克福纺织品博览会上申请到了一个展台we will be setting up a booth。法兰克福纺织品博览会是世界上规模最大的纺织品展示会,能去参加,有个presence,当然是好消息。 Presence is spelled p-r-e-s-e-n-c-e, presence,在这里是出席、在场的意思。

N: But...now comes the hard part. We're going to need to do a lot of preparation work before we leave.

E: I was thinking about a new brochure. I'm not really fond of the old one...It looks a little drab.

M: Yeah, I agree. Let's get our design team to create a new one.

N: Sounds good. We want the brochure to be really eye-catching. It's got to capture your attention right away.

展台申请到了,now comes the hard part. 意思是现在剩下不好办的事情了。出发前有很多准备工作要做。Elaine建议重新设计一个宣传小册子,因为原来的看起来有 drab, drab is spelled d-r-a-b, drab 意思是枯燥、乏味。经理Nick表示赞成,因为宣传小册子必须 eye-catching, 吸引眼球。So it can capture your attention right away,立刻引起人的注意。

M: That's one thing about trade fairs; there are so many items on display it's easy for our products to blend into the background. We need to think about how to arrange our booth so we don't get lost in the crowd.

E: Good thinking! I'll talk to the designers about how we can make our booth stand out.

N: We'll be sending two teams to the trade show. One team will be the face of our operation and the other team will provide support.

Mark说,博览会上展台多,让人看得眼花缭乱,自己的产品很容易就会淹没在汪洋大海之中。在这里,Mark用了两种说法,一个是 to blend into the background,另外一个是to get lost in the crowd,意思都是跟别人差不多,放那儿就找不着了。

Elaine说,应该让设计展台的人想办法,to make our booth stand out,让我们的展台与众不同。Nick同意,决定派两班人马去参展,一组人做门面,be the face of our operation;另外一组人提供后勤保障。