164 Staycation 21

很久不见的好友Lisa, Karen和Gina一起吃饭。三个人都说,现在手头很紧,彼此交换勤俭持家的经验。Karen 说,

K: We've stopped going to the theater! We used to take the kids every Saturday, but with each ticket costing about 10 bucks, it adds up to a couple of hundred dollars a month! These days we just rent a movie and stay at home.

G: But you know, even though we can't do as many things as we used to, I feel like our family has grown closer since we've been spending more time together.

Karen说,原来每星期六都要带孩子去看电影,但是电影票一张十块钱,10 bucks, buck is spelled b-u-c-k, buck 是口语里提到美元时常用的词。

一个月下来,一家人看电影就要两百块,上面用到的it adds up to是加在一起的意思,把这笔钱省了,一家人租影碟在家看。Gina说,虽然没那么多钱玩这玩那了,但是一家人经常在一起,our family has grown closer,感情反而更亲密了。

L: That's true for us as well. We play board games at night with the kids and when we watch movies we do it as a family.

It's funny, but the recession is forcing us to get creative and actually...it's kind of fun!

K: You know the old saying: troubles can be a blessing in disguise.

L: I think it all depends on your attitude. If you stay positive, saving money can be a fun challenge. But being depressed about it doesn't help anything.

Lisa也有同感,因为经济衰退逼得大家不能花钱买娱乐,不得不回去陪孩子玩游戏,一家人一起看电影,反而其乐融融。老话说,troubles can be a blessing in disguise,塞翁失马,焉知非福。Lisa表示同意,说一切都取决于心态,如果心态是positive,积极的话,省钱也能变成一件开心的挑战,萎靡不振doesn't help anything,于事无补。

G: Another thing that has really helped our family is instituting the thirty-day rule.

K: What's the thirty-day rule?

G: Well, every time we think about buying something we don't really need, we wait thirty days and then ask ourselves if we still want it. A lot of times after thirty days, we can't even remember why we wanted it in the first place!

Gina说,为省钱,她们家还采纳了thirty-day rule,三十天原则,就是买一件东西之前,必须等30天,如果30天后还是想买的话,才可以买。Gina说,a lot of times,很多时候,30天过后,她们早就记不起来当初为什么想买了。三个人省钱还有什么高招吗?我们下次继续听。