166 Typhnoon Delays 1


Tom: (On the phone) Hey Susan, how are things at the office?

S: Oh, hi boss. Things are fine. But...aren't you supposed to be on a plane right now? I booked you on a 9:30 flight out of Hong Kong.

T: Um...Yeah. I should be watching the in-flight movie by now, but all flights are grounded.

S: Grounded? Oh...is it due to that hurricane?

接到老板的电话,Susan很意外,因为She booked him on a 9:30 flight out of Hong Kong,他本应坐九点半的飞机离开香港,book在这里是动词,指定机票。 原来是Tom的飞机停飞了 grounded, g-r-o-u-n-d-e-d, grounded,是停飞 的意思。Susan问是不是因为飓风。

T: Well, in Asia they call them typhoons but yep, that's the reason. Typhoon Marokot has shut down air traffic across the region.

S: Wow...that sounds like a nasty storm. Is it howling outside right now?

T: It's actually not too bad...there is some rain and wind, but we might be in the eye of the storm right now.

S: So what's the plan? When can you get a flight out?

Tom的班机的确是因为天气原因停飞的,Tom说,亚洲习惯叫typhoon, t-y-p-h-o-o-n, typhoon,台风。这场台风让整个地区的空运都陷入了停顿。 Shut down是关闭的意思。Tom说,他们现在可能in the eye of the storm,处于风暴中心。飞机什么时候能起飞呢?

T: The airline says they are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to take off in a couple more hours. For now they're asking everyone just to standby and wait for the weather to lift.

S: That sounds frustrating.

T: Yeah, it is. I've been here for four hours now and I am getting a bit frazzled.

航空公司估计,几小时后可以起飞,take off,是飞机起飞的意思。上面那句话里还用到了cautiously optimistic,指谨慎乐观。Tom说,航空公司要大家standby待在那里,随时等通知。Tom已经等了好几个小时,I am getting a bit frazzled. Frazzled is spelled f-r-a-z-z-l-e-d, frazzled,是心力交瘁的意思。

S: Is there anything I can do for you from here?

T: Actually, come to think of it,..can you call Mr. Tang in Singapore and tell him I might not make it to the conference in Berlin tomorrow?

S: Sure.

Tom让Susan给新加坡的唐先生打电话,通知他,自己可能赶不上第二天在柏林的会议了。To make it在这里是做到某事的意思。Tom还要在机场等多长时间呢?我们下次继续听。