172 Taking out a load 2

三角洲通讯公司老板John Smith到银行申请贷款,接待他的是银行负责人Ted Johnson。 Johnson抱怨最近两年经济危机,贷款很难做,经常会迫不得已走法律程序,追缴贷款。

T: I do sympathize with people's difficulties. But if I don't foreclose on mortgages or call in bad loans. I'll go bankrupt, too!

J: Yep...that's just how it goes.

T: So John, you mentioned in your email that you're thinking about taking out a loan.

J: Yes. You see, my company has been expanding quite rapidly and I'd like to construct a new warehouse.

Ted 说,他很同情大家的困难,但是如果他不去没收贷款抵押的财产权,不清理呆帐,自己就会破产。上面说的foreclose is spelled f-o-r-e-c-l-o-s-e, foreclose,是银行没收抵押产权的意思,to call in,意思是收回,bad loan,指无力偿还的呆账。俩人的对话接下来切入主题。John因为公司扩大规模,打算加盖一个仓库,所以需要贷款。

T: Well, you came to the right bank. We have a long tradition of supporting young entrepreneurs like yourself. What kind of figure are we looking at here?

J: I think 200,000 dollars is the estimate for construction costs.

T: Well, that shouldn't be a problem. Your company is worth a lot more than that amount.

Ted 说,他们银行一贯支持象史密斯这样的年轻创业者,entrepreneur is spelled e-n-t-r-e-p-r-e-n-e-u-r, entrepreneur,是企业家的意思。John Smith说,工程费大约需要二十万。Ted觉得,that shouldn't be a problem,应该没问题,因为史密斯公司的价值要远远超过这个数字。

J: Yes, but because we're a public company with shareholders, it's hard to get proposals passed. I was thinking of taking out a personal loan.

T: Ah...a personal loan. That is a bit more complicated. Can I ask what kind of collateral you could offer?

J: Well, I have my personal stock in the company and our family has a yacht as well.

T: Sounds like that should cover it. I'll need you to bring in the original deeds and certificates.

J: Sure. I can stop by on Friday.

原来,John的公司是上市公司,a public company, 让股东们通过提案太麻烦,所以他希望以个人身份贷款,to take out a personal loan. 个人贷款需要collateral is spelled c-o-l-l-a-t-e-r-a-l collateral,抵押物品。John说自己手里有公司股份,还有一艘私人游艇,yacht, y-a-c-h-t yacht. Ted觉得这些就够了,让John把产权证拿来, deed is spelled d-e-e-d deed,是产权、所有权证书的意思。