004B 恋爱单元: 中级课程

Emily告诉好朋友Kevin,自己交了个男朋友,可最终却分手了。Professor Bowman, 怎么会这样呢?

Professor: Let's listen and find out what went wrong.

Kevin: So Emily, what happened with the guy you started dating recently?

Emily: Well, a guy from one of my classes asked me out on a date. At first I had a crush on him, but after a couple of dates, I knew he wasn't my type.

Kevin: Well, don't worry, there are lots of other guys out there. Why wasn't he your type?

Emily: Well, I like guys that like to have a good time and make me laugh, but this guy just wanted to stay home and play video games all the time.

哦,原来Emily的前男友一天到晚窝在家里打电子游戏,难怪Emily受不了。Professor Bowman, Emily说她一开始的时候对那个男生有crush,这是什么意思?

Professor: A crush is a temporary love for someone. A lot of people say that they have a crush on someone, which means that they like that person.

哦, crush就是说对某个人有好感。 那如果两个人开始约会了,还能说自己对这个人有crush么?

Professor: Good question, Winnie. The answer is no. A crush can only be a person who you like, but who you aren't dating yet.

Kevin: Well, I think it's good that you don't go for guys who play video games all the time. But why did you have a crush on him at first?

Emily: Well, our first date started well because we talked about how much each of us likes movies. But it turned out we don't like the same kinds of movies.

Kevin: That's too bad. I remember a few years ago I was seeing a girl who only wanted to watch movies that I hated. Every weekend we argued about what movie to watch.

Emily: That's too bad. I hope your current girlfriend likes the same kinds of movies as you.

原来,Emily和前男友是因为两人都喜欢看电影才开始交往的。Emily后来发现,这个男生不是她"go for", 喜欢的类型,所以决定分手。对了,没准Kevin有什么朋友,可以介绍给Emily呢。

Professor: You guessed it. In the next section, listen for the phrase "set up," which means to introduce two people.

Kevin: Actually, I have a friend who you might like. Do you want me to set you up?

Emily: Well, I usually don't like to be set up because I really don't like blind dates.

Kevin: I understand. But this time you should let me set you up because I think my friend is really your type.

Emily: Well ... OK. If you think he is my type, then I will let you set us up.


Professor: That's right. But why doesn't Emily usually like to be set up?

她不喜欢别人给自己介绍男朋友是因为她不爱去盲约,blind dates, 也就是由别人安排的约会。这点她跟我倒很像!

Professor: But, Winnie, sometimes you have to trust your friends. I think Emily trusts Kevin to introduce her to someone nice. In this section, listen for the word "jock," meaning "someone who only likes to do sports."

Emily: But Kevin, you have to promise me your friend isn't a jock. I really don't like jocks.

Kevin: No, he's not a jock at all. In fact, he's the opposite of a jock. He's a nerd.

Emily: A nerd? I don't really go for nerds either.

Kevin: Well, you just have to trust me. I won't set you up with someone you won't like.

Emily: Alright. But Kevin, if your friend is a big weirdo, you're going to be in big trouble!

Kevin: Don't worry, I promise he's not a weirdo.

Emily还挺挑剔的,既不要"jock,"运动狂,也不要"nerd,"书呆子。更不要"weirdo," 古里古怪的人。

Professor: Well Emily does sound picky. But as long as Kevin's friend isn't a weirdo, I think they'll have a good time.

如果Kevin介绍个怪人给她,她绝对饶不Kevin! 我倒真想看看Kevin给她介绍个什么人!

Professor: Well, listen next time and find out!