009A 购物: 初级课程


Professor: Winnie, I think Kevin must be a very good boyfriend. It's nice of him to buy a new suit for his girlfriend's birthday.

Oh come on, Professor Bowman, 如果他真是个好男友,就该把钱花在女朋友身上,而不是给自己买新衣服!

Professor: Well, that's true. Let's listen and we will see who is right!

Salesperson: Hello sir, can I help you find something?

Kevin: Yes, I'm looking for a new suit.

Salesperson: What is your size?

Kevin: I usually wear a size 42.

Salesperson: Alright, I'll show you the rack where we have our size 42 suits.

Professor: So Winnie, did you hear what size suit Kevin usually wears?

他一般穿42号的西装。对了,Professor Bowman, rack是货架的意思么?

Professor: That's right. If you can't find something you want "on the rack," you can ask someone at the store if they have it "in the back."

这么说,那些"on the rack"的衣服是摆在店面的货架上,让顾客挑选,而"in the back"就是那些放在后面库房里的衣服。

Salesperson: Do you see anything you like?

Kevin: Hmm ... I really like this black suit.

Salesperson: Yes, you would look great in that suit. Do you want to try it on?

Kevin: Sure. Where are your dressing rooms?

Salesperson: The dressing rooms are downstairs. I'll show you where they are.

Kevin看上了一套黑色的西装,打算try it on,试穿看看。

Professor: Exactly. When you find something you like at a store, you can always tell the store employee, "I want to try this on."

这位店员很会说话,她说Kevin "would look great in that suit",就是说他穿上那套西装一定很帅。

Professor: Exactly. You can also look good in a color. For example, you can say "you always look great in blue."


Kevin: Oh, this is a really great suit! It's totally my style. What do you think?

Salesperson: Uh ... I think that suit is too tight, sir. You need one size larger.

Kevin: No way! I love it. Really tight suits are the European style.

Salesperson: Well alright ... but if you rip it when you sit down, you can't return it.

Hmm ... Kevin的品味好象有问题。店员明明告诉他西装太紧,应该换大一号,可他却坚持要紧身的,还说这是欧洲流行的风格。

Professor: Right. Kevin says the suit "is totally my style." You can say something is "my style" if you think you really look good in it.

看来,Kevin觉得很满意! 不过店员说,如果因为衣服太紧,一坐下就撕了的话,人家可不给退。

Professor: Well, let's find out how much the suit costs.

Kevin: So, how much is this suit?

Salesperson: That one is $1,000.

Kevin: $1,000? Umm ... do you think it will go on sale anytime soon?

Salesperson: No. We only sell that suit for the full price.

Kevin: Well, it's very expensive. But I'm willing to sacrifice for my girlfriend so that I look really great on our date!

啊?我没听错吧?Kevin说,他豁出去了,花1000块买这套西装,就算是为女友做的"sacrifice" - 牺牲!这么一来,他还有钱给女友买生日礼物吗?

Professor: But that is her present: A really well-dressed boyfriend on their special date.


Professor: Uh ... I won't try to answer that question. But Winnie, can you guess what it means when something is "on sale"?

这个难不住我!On sale就是打折,减价的意思。可惜,Kevin买的这身儿衣服不打折,只按full price -原价出售。

Professor: Exactly. I'm afraid after buying this expensive suit, Kevin will have to buy something on sale for his girlfriend.

我猜也是。你看,Professor Bowman, 我说对了吧?Kevin根本不是合格的男友!对自己大方,对女友小气,不知道他会给女友买个什么便宜的礼物。

Professor: Listen next time to find out!