009C 购物: 高级课程

Professor: Christine and Kevin are dating, and today is Christine's birthday. Kevin bought himself a $1,000 suit so that he would look good for their special date, but then only had $20 left to spend on Christine's present. He has come to her apartment to give it to her.


Professor: Well, let's listen and find out.

[Doorbell rings]

Christine: Wow, Kevin, you look amazing! What a nice suit! Is it new?

Kevin: That's right baby, it was a big sacrifice on my part because it cost $1,000, but I was willing to do it for you because I know you want your boyfriend to look good.

Christine: Hmm ... so you did something nice for me by spending $1,000 on yourself? That's an interesting way of looking at it ... But never mind, let's go out for our dinner date.

Kevin: Wait a minute! Before we go out you should open your present. Something tells me you're going to want to wear it to the restaurant.

Christine: Alright!


[Christine opens her gift]

Christine: Umm ... Kevin, what size do you think I wear?

Kevin: Well you know, I wasn't sure so I just kind of guessed. I didn't worry about getting the size exactly right because you look so great in everything.

Christine: Well do you think I'm really fat? This shirt is an extra-extra-extra large. This shirt would never fit me.

Kevin: Yeah, but that's why it was such a steal! They couldn't find anybody to buy it, so they had to lower the price to $8. But don't worry, I think baggy clothing is really popular right now.

Christine: I don't think I would call this clothing. This looks like a sail for a sailboat.


Professor: That sounds more like a rip-off to me.

Christine: Alright Kevin ... thank you for such a lovely shirt ... But hey, it looks like you got me some really nice pants! Wow, are these Prada? Thanks!

Kevin: No problem. You know I spare no expense when I'm buying you things, right Christine?

Christine: Oh, you're the best boyfriend a girl ... wait a minute, one leg of these pants is longer than the other. Kevin, did you get me a pair of defective pants for my birthday?

Kevin: Well you don't think I could afford a real pair of designer pants, do you? A regular pair of designer pants would have put me back like $100. These pants cost only $11.


Professor: Yes, he bought a pair of designer pants, but they were defective.

对啊,虽然是designer pants - 名牌裤子,但却是defective - 残次品!裤腿不一边长!Professor Bowman, Kevin还说put him back, 这是什么意思呢?

Professor: To "put you back" means to cost you. For example, an expensive sports car will put me back $50,000.

哦,put you back意思就是 "花多少钱”。好,到现在为止,Kevin的预算 - 20块,已经花出去19块了,剩下1块钱,不知道他还买了什么恶心的礼物!

Christine: Alright Kevin, there better be something really good at the bottom of this box. Otherwise you're going to be single in about 30 seconds.

Kevin: Don't worry, take a look.

Christine: Hmm ...oh wow! This is such a cute hat. It totally makes up for all your other bad presents ... wait, there's a hole in it!

Kevin: But it's just a little hole! It was so cheap because somebody returned it and I thought ...

Christine: You got me a used hat? Well, Kevin, I hope you really like that suit, because you're going to need it to find a new girlfriend! (slap in the face)

Professor: Ouch! It seems like Christine got really mad!