010A 食物: 初级课程

Doug and Liz正开车去超市买菜,可Doug忽然觉得饿了,想顺道先去快餐店买个汉堡吃。

Professor: Winnie, do you ever get hungry when you go shopping?


Doug: Hey Liz, I'm really hungry. Let's stop and eat something.

Liz: Alright, where do you want to eat?

Doug: There is a McDonalds nearby.

Liz: Fast food is so unhealthy. But if you are really hungry, we can go through the drive-through.

Doug: No, let's go inside. I don't want to spill my drink in the car.

Professor: So Winnie, did you hear where Doug wants to eat?


Professor: Exactly! Why doesn't Doug want to use the drive-through?


Professor: That's true. I guess there are two ways eating fast food can kill you.

说得对! 吃太多快餐垃圾食品会把身体搞垮,如果边开车边吃还可能让你出车祸!

Cashier: Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?

Doug: Yes, I'd like two hamburgers, a large Coke and a large fries.

Cashier: Do you want anything, ma'am?

Liz: No thanks, I'm on a diet.

Cashier: For here or to go?

Doug: For here.

Cashier: Alright, that will be 11 dollars and 50 cents.

Liz 说,she is on a diet, 正在节食,所以不吃这些高热量的快餐。Doug 真应该向 Liz 学学。

Professor: Yes, fast food has a lot of fat in it. But Winnie, does Doug want the food "for here" or "to go"?

Doug 说for here, 也就是在餐厅里吃。如果说 "to go",就是打包带走的意思。

Professor: Yes. When you take food home from a restaurant, you can also say the food is for "take out." Now Doug and Liz are eating their food. Let's listen.

Doug: Do you want to eat my tomato? I don't like them. The only topping I like is ketchup.

Liz: Sure, I love tomatoes. They're a healthy food.

Doug: That's true. Are you sure you don't want anything?

Liz: Well I know the French fries are very unhealthy, but they look so good.

Doug: Come on Liz, try one. It won't kill you.

Liz: Well alright, I'll have just one.

Doug: Great! I'm going to get a refill of soda.

看来, Liz 的决心动摇了。虽然她一直在说快餐多没营养,可是一看到Doug的薯条,也忍不住要吃上一根。

Professor: That's right. And did you hear what topping Doug likes, and which one he doesn't like?

Doug 说, 在汉堡的所有佐料中,他只喜欢ketchup--番茄酱, 还说他不爱吃番茄。真奇怪,番茄酱不就是番茄做的嘛?

Professor: That's right. What does Doug say he is going to do at the end?

他说他要去refill他的饮料. Professor, refill, r-e-f-i-l-l, refill 就是续杯的意思吧?

Professor: Correct. When you go to a restaurant, you can ask the waiter, "Do you have free refills?"


Professor: Now let's see what Doug says when he returns to the table.

Doug: Liz, where are all my fries? Did you eat them all?

Liz: I'm sorry, Doug. They were just so good! Once I started eating them, I couldn't stop.

Doug: Don't worry Liz. If I'm going to get really fat, you should get really fat too! We will look really cute together.

Liz: Wow, that is a really scary thought. I need to exercise right now!

啊? Liz 趁Doug不在,居然把他的薯条都吃了!不过,她显然不想和Doug一起变成胖子,所以说要马上去健身。不过首先,希望他们在超市能买些健康食品!

Professor: Well listen next time to find out!