011A 带孩子: 初级课程


Professor: That's right, Winnie. Some parents like to take their children to the park so they can meet other parents and talk. When you have kids, you don't have time to go to parties anymore.


Hannah: Hello, I'm Hannah. Are you the mother of one of the kids here?

Stephanie: Hello, I'm Stephanie. Yes, my son Charlie is playing soccer over there.

Hannah: Is he the tall, thin boy wearing the blue shirt?

Stephanie: That's right. Which child is yours?

Professor: Winnie, what is Stephanie's son doing?


Professor: Yes, and what does he look like?


Professor: Right. Now let's find out who Hannah's child is.

Hannah: My daughter Amber is the child wearing the red shirt over there by the swings.

Stephanie: Oh yes, I see her. She looks very nice! Maybe we should get them together for a play date and they can be friends.

Hannah: Great idea! I want to go to a movie tomorrow night with my husband, so I'll drop Amber off at your house.

Stephanie: Well ... OK. But usually both parents take care of the children on a play date.

Hannah: You take care of them tomorrow night, and I'll take care of them another time.

Professor: So Winnie, why does Stephanie want to set up a play date?

Play date就是家长定个时间,把孩子带到一起玩儿。Stephanie看来是个好妈妈,她想让孩子多交朋友,所以提议给Charlie和Amber定个play date.

Professor: That's right. But does Hannah have a different reason for setting up a play date?

Hannah马上表示,愿意让两个孩子去play date,可她目的不纯,为的是把女儿扔给Stephanie照看,自己好去跟老公看电影!

Hannah: So Stephanie, what will the children do at your house?

Stephanie: They can play together and have fun. Charlie likes to watch TV.

Hannah: Oh no! Amber likes to read. Can you read a book to her?

Stephanie: Uh ... I think on a play date, the kids should play and have fun.

Hannah: Well alright. I'll drop Amber off at your house at 8pm.


Professor: Yes, but what does Stephanie say?

Stephanie 说, 在play date的时候,孩子们应该一起玩儿,而不要各玩儿各的。

Stephanie: Well I know Charlie will have fun playing with Amber.

Hannah: Yes, I'm sure they will. Hey look! They're playing soccer together. Isn't that great?

Stephanie: Yes it is....Wait, oh my gosh! Amber just hit Charlie!

Hannah: I'm sure it was just an accident.

Stephanie: Oh no! She just stole his soccer ball and is running away! Forget about the play date! Keep your mean kid away from Charlie!


Professor: And what did Hannah say?

Hannah狡辩,说是孩子不小心,谁知Stephanie根本不买她的账。 Professor Bowman, 你看,有孩子多麻烦,不知道什么时候就会给家长惹事。

Professor: Well, if you are a good parent your kids won't misbehave, right?

Kids are kids, professor. 言归正传,这下子,play date告吹了。Hannah要想看电影,只好雇个临时保姆来看孩子了。 Amber可不是个听话的乖孩子,照顾她真要格外小心。

Professor: Well listen next time to learn about hiring a babysitter.