012B 开车: 中级课程


Professor: Winnie, if you had a nice convertible, would you lend it to a friend to go to Las Vegas?


[Doorbell, door opening]

Tom: Well hello Phil. This is certainly a surprise. What are you doing at my apartment?

Phil: Oh ... no reason. I haven't seen you in a while, so I thought I would go see my very, very good friend Tom.

Tom: Oh really. Well something tells me that isn't the only reason. You never come by unless you want a favor.

Phil: What? Of course not! I came by just because I like you and wanted to say hello!

Tom: Come on Phil, you can't fool me. What do you want?

Professor: It sounds like Tom has given Phil lots of favors before.


Phil: Well ... alright. I want to drive to Las Vegas this weekend. Would it be possible for me to borrow your car?

Tom: You want to borrow my car? But it's brand new! I've only made one payment.

Phil: I know, but I promise I'll be really careful.

Tom: I don't know ... Las Vegas is a pretty wild place. I don't want anything to happen to my car.


Professor: Exactly. But do you know what Tom meant when he said he had only made one payment?

Tom说的payments就是每个月要还的买车贷款。 他说,自己才只还了一个月的钱。

Phil: Oh please? I'm a really good driver. I'll return it without a scratch.

Tom: You? A good driver? You don't even know how to parallel park!

Phil: Don't worry, I won't park it on the street. I'll park it in the hotel parking lot.

Tom: But people really like to party in Las Vegas. I'm worried someone who has been drinking and driving will hit my car and damage it.

Phil: Don't worry, I'll only drive during the day.

Tom担心有人drinking and driving - 酒后驾车,会撞坏自己的车,可却丝毫不担心车里的人 - Phil的安全,这算什么朋友!

Professor: Well, it's a brand new car. It probably has airbags and plenty of safety features.

那倒也是,新车都会配备airbags - 气囊,和其它的safety features - 安全设备。不过,professor Bowman, Tom说Phil不会parallel park,这是什么意思?

Professor: The word "parallel,", means extending in the same direction. So parallel parking is to park directly behind another car.

哦,parallel是“平行”的意思,所以parallel parking就是就在街上平行停车,或者叫“入库停车”。Phil不会parallel parking,所以他保证,只把Tom的车停在酒店停车场。

Tom: Alright Phil, I'll lend you my car but there are some rules.

Phil: Sure, what are they?

Tom: First, no speeding. If you get a ticket in a speed trap, I will never lend you my car again.

Phil: Of course not. I'll drive really slow.

Tom: Rule number two. No talking on your cell phone while you drive.

Phil: Of course, I promise I won't talk on my phone.

Tom: Rule number three. If you make any money gambling, you give half to me.

Phil: Well, you drive a hard bargain, but it's a deal!


Professor: Do you think that's a good deal?

我觉得,就象Phil说的,Tom "drives a hard bargain." 太能讨价还价了。

Professor: But I think it's a fair deal! Let's tune in next time to learn about Phil's trip to Vegas.