013A 电脑: 初级课程


Professor: That's right, Winnie. Isn't it good to have friends who understand computers?


Chloe: Hi Matt, thanks for coming over to help me fix my computer.

Matt: No problem. I know everything about computers. What's the problem?

Chloe: I can't surf the Internet. What do you think the problem is?

Matt: Well it could be a software problem, or it could be a hardware problem.

Matt 说,只要是有关电脑的东西,没他不懂的,口气还真大,希望他不是吹牛。

Professor: Well, we will see. Winnie, what is wrong with Chloe's computer?

她说,她不能"surf" the Internet. Professor Bowman, surf不是冲浪的意思么?

Professor: Yes, but you can also use it to talk about browsing the Internet. For example, I spend three hours every day surfing the Internet.

我明白了,surf the Internet就是上网。Matt说,Chloe的电脑不能上网,这不是hardware problem - 硬件的问题,就是software problem - 软件的问题。

Professor: That's right! Let's see if Matt can help fix the computer.

Matt: Well, let's see if the computer can turn on. Here, I'll just press the power button.

Chloe: Uh ... Matt? That's not my computer. That's my TV.

Matt: Huh? Oh yes, of course. Where is your computer?

Chloe: My computer is over on the desk. See? It is turned on, but when I try to open the browser, there is no connection to the Internet.

这个Matt,怎么连电脑和电视都分不清!他说开电脑,却伸手去按TV的power button - 电视开关!

Professor: He doesn't sound like a computer expert at all.

可不!不过Professor, Chloe说,她想打开browser的时候,没法连接网络。 Browser就是上网用的浏览器吧?

Professor: Correct. You can also say you opened a browser window.

哦....open a browser window就是打开一个浏览窗口。我倒真想看看Matt是不是真懂电脑。

Matt: Hmm .... have you tried re-starting your computer?

Chloe: Matt, of course I tried re-starting my computer. That was the first thing I did!

Matt: Really? Well if that didn't work, I don't know what to do.

Chloe: That's your only idea? You said you know everything about computers. I should have just called technical support.

Matt: Well re-starting the computer always works for me.

我猜的没错!Matt唯一的办法就是re-start the computer,重新启动电脑,这谁不会啊!对了,重启电脑是不是也可以说re-boot the computer?

Professor: That's right. Re-start and re-boot mean the same thing.

看来,Chloe对Matt很失望,觉得自己还不如打电话给电脑公司的technical support - 技术服务部门呢。

Professor: Matt has one more idea to fix the computer. Let's listen.

Matt: Wait! I know how to fix the problem!

Chloe: Great! What should we do?

Matt: We should contact the Internet company to see if their service is down. Let's log on to their website to find their phone number.

Chloe: Uh, Matt? The Internet isn't working. How can we log on to the website?

Matt: Oh yeah.

Professor: So Winnie, what is Matt's solution for fixing the computer?

Chloe: 他出馊主意说,去网络公司的网站找他们的联络电话,然后打过去问问是不是网络出问题了!

Professor: Exactly. But that's impossible because the Internet is down.

就是!Chloe的问题就是不能上网,Matt却要上网查东西,这不是瞎出主意么!对了,Professor, Chloe说Internet is down, 就是说网坏了吧?

Professor: Yes. For example, you can say "I couldn't go to work today because the subway is down." You can also say that your E-mail or phone service is down.


Professor: Well, let's listen next time to find out!