014B 找工作: 中级课程


Professor: Today Toby has brought his resume to give to Erin. Do you think she will help him get a job at her company?


Toby: Hey Erin, it's great to see you again. How is your new job?

Erin: Hi Toby, it's really great. The work is really interesting, the salary is good, and the company has great benefits.

Toby: Wow! You know, I would really love to work at such a great company.

Erin: Well, I guess you can apply online if we have any positions open.

Toby: Actually, I was hoping you could recommend me directly. Here is my resume.

Toby真狡猾!他假装问候Erin,但实际上是让Erin帮忙找工作! 不过,Professor, "benefits"是什么意思呢?

Professor: Benefits are all the things that a company gives its employees beside money. For example, companies may offer benefits like health insurance and vacation time.

哦,benefits就是“福利”。Erin让Toby上网看看,公司有没有"positions" , 是“空闲职位”的意思么?

Professor: Exactly. For example, if you want to apply to a company, you could call and ask, “Are there any positions open right now?”

Erin: Oh, you brought me your resume Well Toby, I remember that you had a very ......how should I say ....... relaxed attitude toward work at the book store.

Toby: No way! I was a model worker! Maybe you just didn't notice.

Erin: Yes, because I was too busy helping customers.

Toby: Oh please, Erin. Isn't there any way you could help me with this? I really need a job.

Erin: Hmm .... well let me look at your resum□

看来,Erin知道Toby上班时的差劲表现。不过她说得很委婉,说Toby的工作态度很relaxed, 就是轻松,懈怠。

Professor: Yes, she doesn't seem very excited about hiring Toby. But what does Toby say?

Toby居然自称是model worker “模范雇员”!

Erin: Alright Toby, your resume says you have great computer skills. Is that true?

Toby: Of course! I have extensive experience surfing the Internet.

Erin: I see. But I'm not sure that is a real qualification.

Toby: Oh really? Well I have other important skills. For example, I'm really good at multi-tasking.

Erin: That's true. You're really good at surfing the Internet and eating your lunch at the same time.

Professor: So Winnie, what is the first skill that Toby says he has?

他说,他有上网冲浪的"extensive experience" - 丰富经验,不过Erin说,这算不上是真正的 "qualification" - 胜任工作的本事。本来么,会上网的人太多了!

Professor: That's right. When you apply for a job a company will often ask you about your qualifications, and you might tell them that you are very qualified for the position.

哦。不过Professor Bowman,什么是multi-tasking?

Professor: Multi-tasking is doing more than one job at once. For example, if you can work on the computer while you are talking on the phone, you can say you are multi-tasking.


Toby: Oh come on, Erin. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me.

Erin: Hmm .... alright Toby. I'll give your resume to our human resources department. If they want to hire you, it's their decision.

Toby: Thanks Erin, I really appreciate your help.

Erin: No problem. In fact, I will recommend you for a very important job.

Toby: Really, what's that?

Erin: My secretary. You can use your multi-tasking skills to do all my work while I surf the Internet.

Wow,看来Erin想收拾收拾Toby! 她说会把Toby的简历给人力资源部,但是推荐他做自己的秘书!

Professor: That's right. And what will Toby have to do as Erin's secretary?