018C 医药: 高级课程

Professor: Helen hasn't been feeling well lately, and in the last episode the doctor told her that the cause might be mental stress. So today she is going to talk to a therapist.


Helen: Thank you for seeing me, doctor. I've been having a lot of mental stress which I think may be affecting my physical health.

Therapist: Of course. Can you tell me a little bit about what has been upsetting you?

Helen: Well, I had a dog named Herman. He died a couple months ago and I've been feeling really down ever since .

Therapist: I see. Were you and Herman close?

Helen: We were the best of friends (sobbing). Whenever things weren't going well for me, I used to share all my problems with him. He was a great listener.


Professor: That's right, Winnie. Why does Helen say Herman was so great to talk to?


Therapist: Have there been problems in your life recently that you've needed to talk about with someone?

Helen: Yeah, so many problems. I've been really stressed out at work ever since my boss gave me a huge new project, and I've been going through a rocky period with my boyfriend.

Therapist: Does your stress level interfere with your work or home life?

Helen: Yeah, when I'm under a lot of pressure it's difficult for me to fall asleep, which makes me tired and unproductive at work the next day.

Therapist: Well, being under a lot of mental pressure like that can have an effect on the body.

Professor: So Winnie, what has been causing Helen so much stress lately?

她的老板交给她a big new project,一份规模很大的新项目,而且她和男友关系好像有问题,Professor Bowman, 她说正和男友go through a rocky period,这大概不是什么好事儿吧?

Professor: Winnie, you can call something "rocky" if it is difficult, or not going smoothly. In this case, Helen is saying her relationship with her boyfriend has been experiencing trouble lately.

我明白了,rocky就是困难重重的意思,我想到一个词, b-u-m-p-y, bumpy,意思一样吗?

Professor: Yes, they're the same.

唉,可怜的Helen, 有这么多烦心事。不知道心理治疗师有什么好建议。

Therapist: There are some things you can do to relieve your stress. First, you need someone to talk to about your feelings so that they don't get bottled up inside.

Helen: Hmm .... I guess you're right. Do you think I should get another dog?

Therapist: No, it's much better if you pay $200 per hour to talk to me once per week.

Helen: Oh .... but what if spending all that money causes me to worry about my bank account?

Therapist: Don't worry, if you start feeling even more stressed because of your finances, you can come in twice per week for more therapy.

Professor: Winnie, do you understand what the therapist means when he tells Helen not to bottle up her emotions inside?


Professor: That's right.

Professor, 我觉得这个心理治疗师帮不了Helen, 他一小时收200块钱,Helen 说这么大的花销会让自己有更大压力,可治疗师似乎盼的就是这个,这样Helen就需要看更多次医生,他就可以赚更多钱了!

Helen: I don't know, doctor. I think I really just need to blow off some steam every once in a while. I'm not sure I need all this therapy.

Therapist: In my professional opinion, Helen, you may be very ill. We need to discuss an integrated treatment plan, with therapy sessions and anti-depression medications.

Helen: Anti-depression medications? Now I'm sure I don't want all that.

Therapist: But Helen, this may be the only way to make you happy again.

Helen: Actually, now I know what will make me happy. A trip to the pet store!

Helen很聪明,治疗师让她多看病,还让她吃抗抑郁药,可Helen没上当! 她说,她只需要blow off some steam every once in a while - 时不时给自己减减压,就可以了!

Professor: Yes. I guess Helen, like everyone else, just needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes.