021A 远足旅行: 初级课程


Professor: That's right, Winnie. Some people like hiking, but some like to stay indoors.

Daphne: Wow, what a beautiful day! I love being outdoors.

Roger: (Reluctantly) Yeah, I guess so.

Daphne: What's wrong, Roger? Don't you like being in nature?

Roger: Daphne, I grew up in the city. For me, being in nature is going to a city park.

唉,看来Roger就是那种不解风情的人!这个在城市长大的city boy居然说,他和nature - 大自然,最亲密的接触顶多是go to a city park - 上街心公园!

Professor: Right. What does Daphne think?

Daphne说,她喜欢being outdoors,做户外运动,Professor, outdoors的反义词就是indoors吧?

Professor: Yes. You can also say "inside" and "outside." They mean the same thing.

我明白了,indoors和inside都是“在室内”, outdoors和outside则是“在户外”。

Daphne: Oh Roger, stop complaining. Just look at all the great scenery!

Roger: How can I enjoy the scenery when it's so hot and the mosquitoes are biting me?

Daphne: Don't you think it's worth it to see all this beautiful nature?

Roger: The only thing I can think about right now is mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes!蚊子! Professor Bowman, 我不得不承认,蚊子的确让人讨厌! 我不在乎刮风下雨,或者太阳暴晒,可是如果有蚊子咬我,我还真受不了!

Professor: Why don't you just wear bug repellant?

"Bug repellant"? 驱虫剂?我用过,可是不管用。 对了, professor, 什么叫scenery?

Professor: Winnie, scenery, s-c-e-n-e-r-y, scenery, means the appearance of a place. Sometimes people also use the word "view". For example, "After I climbed the mountain, I enjoyed the beautiful view at the top."


Professor: That's right. Let's see if Roger is having any other problems.

Roger: Daphne, can we please stop for a minute? I'm really thirsty and my legs are sore.

Daphne: Roger, are you really that out of shape? We've only been walking for 20 minutes!

Roger: I know, but this trail is really steep.

Daphne: Well OK. We can stop and rest for a few minutes.

Roger才走了20分钟就累啦?难怪Daphne说他out of shape - 身体素质差劲!

Professor: Yes. And the opposite of being "out of shape" is being "in shape".

In shape就是状态好,身体棒。在远足时,如果out of shape, 就会像Roger那样,legs get sore - 两腿酸疼。

Professor: Exactly. But Winnie, why does Roger say he is so tired?

他说,这是因为the trail - “山路”太"steep" - 陡峭。

Daphne: Alright, Roger. Are you ready to go again?

Roger: Daphne, I don't think I can go any farther today. I'm so tired. Let's camp here tonight.

Daphne: But Roger, we have only gone one mile! Let's hike a little farther.

Roger: Please Daphne! I didn't know how hard hiking is. If we try to go any farther it might kill me.

Daphne: (Sigh) ... alright, we can camp here. You rest and I'll make a campfire.


Professor: That's right. Roger is not a good hiker. But Winnie, do you know what the word "camp" means?

Camp, c-a-m-p,camp, 就是露营的意思。对了,Professor, 既然说到露营,那campfire就是露营时点的篝火吧?

Professor: Yes. Do you think Roger will like camping more than hiking?