021B 远足旅行: 中级课程

Daphne和Roger一起去山里露营。到了晚上,俩人坐在campfire - 篝火旁边聊天儿。

Professor: That's right, Winnie. You know, being out in the woods at night can be pretty scary if you're used to city life.

Daphne: Isn't it great being out in nature, Roger? I love breathing the fresh air and exercising.

Roger: Sure .... I guess it's not so bad. Daphne, you don't think there are bears in these woods, do you?

Daphne: Of course there are! But don't worry, bears are pretty shy and won't hurt us. They only want to eat our food.

Roger: But Daphne, what if the bears think that I am food?

Daphne: Don't worry, Roger, I know wilderness first aid.


Professor: That's right, Winnie. What does Daphne say to make him feel better?

Daphne安慰Roger,说自己会wilderness first aid - 野外急救!

Professor: Winnie, somehow I wouldn't be very comforted by that if I were Roger!

Daphne: I know, Roger. We can tell ghost stories to take your mind off the bears.

Roger: Ghost stories? I don't know. It's already pretty scary being out here in the dark.

Daphne: Oh Roger, there is nothing to be afraid of out here! You're not scared of the dark, are you?

Roger: Of course I'm not afraid of the dark. What I'm afraid of are all the things that are hiding out there in the dark!

Roger在山里过夜本来就紧张,他才不会想听什么ghost stories - 鬼故事呢! 对了,professor, Daphne说,讲故事可以take Roger's mind off the bears, 这是什么意思呢?

Professor: When you take your mind off something, that means you stop thinking about it. For example, "After studying really hard for three days, I went to the movies to take my mind off the exam for a couple hours."

哦,take your mind off something,就是暂时不去想某件事。Daphne想通过讲故事来转移Roger的注意力,这样,Roger就不会总想着自己会被熊吃掉了!

Daphne: OK, I'll tell the first story. You know, some people say these woods are haunted and ......

Roger: What?? They're haunted? Daphne, why have you taken me to these haunted woods? We have to get out of here, fast.

Daphne: Roger! Calm down. It's just a story. The woods aren't really haunted.

Roger: Are you sure there aren't any ghosts? I keep hearing really strange noises out in the dark!

Daphne: Of course there's no such thing as ghosts. It's probably just some hungry bears.

Roger: Ah!

Professor: Winnie, why does Roger get so scared?

Daphne讲鬼故事,说这片树林are "haunted" - 闹鬼。结果Roger就信以为真了! 把他吓个半死! Professor, Daphne说"there's no such thing as ghosts", 这句话的意思是“世界上根本没有鬼”么?

Professor: Exactly. For another example, I could say that "There are lots of ways to help slow global warming, but there's no such thing as a perfect solution."

Daphne: Roger, I don't think you're cut out for camping.

Roger: I know. Next time you want to do something fun, let's do something in the city. I'll be happy to buy your movie ticket as long as we don't have to go camping again.

Daphne: Sure, next time we'll go see a movie. But Roger .... will there be a next time? Do you think we will survive the night?

Roger: I sure hope we survive, just so I have a chance to get even!

Daphne说,Roger is not cut out for camping - 天生不是露营的料! Professor, Roger说,他一定要survive the night - 捱过这一晚,这样他才能get even。Get even是报仇的意思么?

Professor: Right! What do you think Roger will do to get even with Daphne?

嗯....我倒很想知道呢! 我们下次接着听吧!