022C 出行: 高级课程

Professor: Today is Craig's first day at his new job, but he got lost on his way to the office so he's really late. In this first section he is talking to his co-worker, Tina, about the best way to get to work.

Craig: Wow, I had a miserable commute this morning. 

Tina: Really, what happened?

Craig: Well first I took a cab, but the cab driver tried to rip me off so I got out. Then I tried walking, but I got bad directions and got lost. How do you usually get to work?

Tina: I drive most days, and some days I take the bus.

Craig: You drive? But the parking around here is so expensive.

Tina: That's not a problem. I carpool with some of the other employees here so we save on gas and parking fees. 

Professor: So Winnie, did you hear how Tina gets to work?

她说,她大部分时间开车上班,有时也搭公车。不过,Professor, Tina提到的carpool是什么意思?

Professor: Carpooling is when a group of people all go somewhere in the same car. For example, if you live right near some co-workers, you might start a carpool with them to share driving duties.

哦,carpool, C-A-R-P-O-O-L 就是拼车。Tina跟同事carpool,大家分摊汽油费和停车费,好主意!

Craig: Oh, a carpool? That's a great idea. Do you think I could share a ride too?

Tina: Unfortunately, we don't have any more space in the car. But I can certainly recommend some ways for you to get to work.

Craig: Yeah, that would be great. I'm new to New York and so I don't know my way around.

Tina: No problem, I know the city like the back of my hand. I can give you some good advice.

可惜Tina的carpool满员了,Craig没法加入。不过Tina很热心,愿意告诉Craig一些好走的上班路线。Professor, Tina说,she knows the city like the back of her hand,是什么意思?

Professor: "To know something like the back of your hand" means you are very familiar with something. For example, "Todd is one of the best lawyers I have ever seen. He knows the law like the back of his hand."


Tina: So Craig, the best way to get to work is probably on the subway. It's a bit more expensive than the bus, but it's totally worth it.

Craig: Really? Why?

Tina: Traffic in New York can be a nightmare during rush hour. It's bumper-to-bumper everywhere in the city.

Craig: Doesn't the subway service get really backed up too? I've heard there are lots of delays.

Tina: Yeah, the subway can run late sometimes too, but it's still more dependable than the bus.

Tina建议Craig坐地铁,地铁虽然比公车贵,但时间上更有保障,因为上下班高峰期,纽约的路况特别糟糕。哎,什么叫 traffic is bumper-to-bumper?

Professor: That means that the traffic is so bad and moving so slowly that it's almost as if the bumpers of the cars are touching.

哦,bumper是汽车的保险杠,所以,如果路上车特别多,就可以说bumper to bumper,也就是说,车子的车头接着车尾,一辆紧接着一辆。

Craig: Yeah, the subway is probably a good idea, but I hate being squeezed into those smelly cars with all those other people.

Tina: Well as long as you're on the mass transit system, you have to get used to it. The bus is crowded too.

Craig: (Sigh).... I just wish there were some way for me to get to work without leaving my house. I wonder if in the future there will be a magical machine that can do that.

Tina: Actually, we already have one: it's called a computer. Maybe you should try telecommuting!

Craig说,他不愿意挤在脏兮兮的地铁里,我深有同感!Tina说的telecommuting太棒了,只要通过电脑和网络,在家里就能远距离工作 !

Professor: Exactly. Today some people prefer to telecommute to work to save time and gas. Employers like it too, because they don't have to pay for an office.

是啊,telecommute又省钱又省时。Professor Bowman, 不如我们也紧跟潮流,让我在家里通过telecommute上课吧!

Professor: Sure! I'll just give extra homework to make up for the time you'll save.