023A 移民入籍: 初级课程

Amir已经在美国生活了几年,在考虑入籍成为美国公民。他找朋友Susan, 打听入籍的手续。

Professor: That's right, Winnie. Becoming an American citizen takes a lot of work.

嗯,我也听说要入籍,成为citizen - 公民,要作一番准备工作。希望Susan能给Amir一些好的建议。

Susan: Hi Amir, how are you? I haven't seen you lately.

Amir: Hi Susan. I've been very busy lately applying to become a US citizen. It's a lot of work!

Susan: Wow, it must be very complicated. Is everything going smoothly?

Amir: Yeah, but there is so much paperwork to do.

"Paperwork",就是“文书工作”,也就是填表格、写文件、做档案等事情。Amir说,在申请入籍的时候,要做很多paperwok, professor, 在表达这个意思的时候,应该说do paperwork还是 fill out paperwork 呢?

Professor: You can use either verb, Winnie. They mean the same thing.

原来如此。对了,Susan 问 Amir "is everything going smoothly?",就是问“一切进展顺利么?” 对不对?

Professor: Exactly. For example, you could say that "Class didn't go smoothly because I did not do my homework the night before."

Susan: Why have you decided to become a US citizen?

Amir: My wife is American, and we chose to settle here in America.

Susan: Are you going to give up your Iranian citizenship?

Amir: Yes. It's too bad that Iran doesn't recognize dual citizenship.

原来,Amir的太太是美国人,所以他们决定"settle here in America" - 在美国定居。

Professor: Amir also says that he has to give up his Iranian citizenship because Iran doesn't recognize dual citizenship.

Dual, d-u-a-l, dual 是“双重”的意思。所以dual citizenship就是有双重国籍。Amir不得不放弃他的伊朗国籍,因为伊朗不承认双重国籍。

Susan: What is your immigration status right now?

Amir: Right now I am a permanent resident with a green card.

Susan: I see. How long will it take to become a citizen?

Amir: I'm not sure. Right now I am still finding all the documents I need. I will probably file my application next month.

Susan问Amir现在的immigration status - 移民身份,Amir说,他有green card - 绿卡,是permanent resident--美国永久居民。

Professor: That's right. How long will it take for Amir to become a citizen?

他也不知道。他说,目前他还在准备申请入籍所需的documents - 文档材料。不过,我听说,移民申请有时很慢,要等很久才能从政府那里得到答复。

Professor: Yes, it can take a long time. And when is he going to file his application?

Amir说,他可能下个月就会file his application - 提交他的申请材料。

Susan: You know, Amir, applying for citizenship is very complicated. You should talk to an immigration lawyer.

Amir: I don't know. That would probably cost a lot of money.

Susan: Yes, but if there are problems processing your application, the lawyer can help you.

Amir: Yeah, you're right. I don't want to take any chances. I'll talk to an immigration lawyer.

Susan建议Amir雇一个immigration lawyer - 移民律师,这样,如果申请过程中出现问题,律师可以帮他解决。对了,Professor, Amir说 he "doesn't want to take any chances",这是什么意思?

Professor: Winnie, when you take a chance, you do something dangerous or risky.

我明白了,take a chance就是“冒险”的意思。 Amir虽然有点心疼律师费,但不想take any chances - 拿自己的申请冒险。希望everything will go smoothly,Amir能尽快入籍。

Professor: Let's listen next time to see what happens!