023B 移民入籍: 中级课程

Amir正在申请成为美国公民,今天,他要去见移民律师John, 听听他的建议。

John: Hi Amir, it's nice to meet you. I'm happy you want to become a US citizen.

Amir: Thank you, John. I'm very excited, but I'm also a little worried about how long and complicated the process can be.

John: Don't worry, I will be here to help you through it and explain what's going on.

Amir: Great, that's really helpful for me. When you aren't a native English speaker, it can be hard to read all the documents and understand the naturalization process.

哈,John 当然希望Amir申请入籍啦,这样他的生意就来啦!

Professor: Well, I guess you could look at it that way. But Winnie, why does Amir say the application process can be hard?

Amir说,他不是"native English speaker" - 英语不是母语,所以在填表的时候会遇到困难。对了,professor, Amir提到一个词 - naturalization,这是什么意思?

Professor: Naturalization is the process of becoming a citizen of another country.


John: So Amir, how did you come to America originally? Did your company sponsor your visa?

Amir: Actually, no. I got married to an American while living in Iran, and we decided to settle in the United States.

John: Oh, you have an American spouse. Where do you live?

Amir: I really like city life so New York is my favorite city. But my wife has some family in Virginia, so we live there.

Professor: So Winnie, did Amir first come to America on a work visa?


Professor: That's right.

Professor, John问Amir是不是有公司"sponsor him for a visa",这是什么意思呢?

Professor: When a company "sponsors" you for a visa, they ask the government to give you a visa. Usually you need a sponsor in the US to get a visa.


Professor: So if you are applying for a job in America, you might ask the company, "Can you sponsor me for a visa?"

John: Well there are some things you should do to start preparing for the interview. You should learn about US civics and the constitution.

Amir: Don't worry, I've already lived in the US for three years and know all about its history and politics.

John: Good, then the interview and test won't be a problem. Do you have any dependents?

Amir: No, my wife and I don't have any children.

Professor: So Winnie, does Amir have to prepare a lot for his citizenship test?

申请入美国籍需要参加citizenship test - 公民考试,所以要了解美国的civics - 公民知识,还有constitution - 宪法。不过,Amir说他已经在美国生活三年了,这些知识他都懂,所以不需要做太多准备。

Professor: That's right. John also asked Amir if he had any "dependents". A dependent is anyone who depends on you to take care of him.


Amir: So John, do you think there will be any problems with my application?

John: It definitely sounds like you are eligible to become a US citizen. I think that before too long, you won't have to be an alien anymore!

Amir: Yeah, I can't wait! Hopefully I will become a citizen in time to vote in the next election.

John: I sure hope so! Good luck!

Professor Bowman, alien不是指外星人么?我不懂为什么美国人把来美移民也称为"alien",我又不是从火星来的!

Professor: Really? Sometimes I doubt that.

哈,被你发现了! 言归正传,Amir希望自己能尽快入籍,这样,他就能享受公民独有的投票权了!

Professor: Let's listen next time to see if Amir is able to vote in the next election!