024B 体育运动: 中级课程


Professor: That's right, Winnie. Alice is taking Ryan to watch a basketball game, but it's not a professional game like you might think.


Ryan: Alice, I can't believe you brought me to a children's basketball game! How can I learn how to play basketball watching children?

Alice: Well, Ryan, you're a beginner, and they are beginners too. That will make it easier for you to understand the rules.

Ryan: Ugh ... I guess so. But watching kids is so boring. The professional basketball league is much better.

Alice: OK Ryan, stop complaining and watch what's happening on the court.

啊?原来Alice带 Ryan去看儿童篮球赛啦!

Professor: I know it sounds silly, but why does Alice say she brought him there?

Alice 说,Ryan是 beginner - 初学者,所以,看和他水平差不多的人打球,能更好地了解比赛规则。对了, professor, Ryan 说 professional basketball league,是指职业篮球联盟么?

Professor: Right, and in baseball, you might hear about the major leagues and minor leagues.

对,在棒球中, major league就是“大联盟”,而minor league是“小联盟”。 让我们来听听,在basketball court--篮球场上,比赛进行地如何吧!

Ryan: Alright Alice, let's watch the game. Which team are we rooting for?

Alice: We are rooting for the home team because my nephew is playing for them.

Ryan: Oh, cool! Does he really like to play basketball with the other kids?

Alice: Oh yeah, these team sports really build their confidence. This is a big game, because they are playing their rivals.

原来,Alice的侄子就在球场上! 他是home team -“主场球队”的一员,Professor, 和“主场”相对的是“客场”,这要怎么说呢?

Professor: The opposite of the home team is the visiting team. Most people at the game root for the home team.

没错!比赛时,主场队总是人气更旺! 大部分观众都root for it--给主场球队加油助威。那么,root for除了表示在赛场上支持某只球队外,还有别的用法么?

Professor: Sure! For example, I am really rooting for the new law to pass, because it would lower my taxes.

哦,root for表示“支持”,所以我们可以说,root for the new law - 支持这条新的法律。Professor, Alice还提到,这两只队伍是rivals - 这是“劲敌,对头”的意思么?

Professor: That's right!

Ryan: Wow, these kids are really good! I can't believe how athletic they are.

Alice: Yeah, my nephew practices a lot. He's the captain of the team.

Ryan: He's the captain? He must be the best player on the team. When I was his age, the only sports I played were sports video game.

Alice: Hmm .... well I'm sure playing all those sports video games really gave your fingers a good workout.

怪不得Ryan篮球打得这么臭,他小时候从不运动,唯一的爱好就是play sports video games--在游戏机上玩儿运动游戏!

Professor: Right. And what about Alice's nephew? Is he more athletic than Ryan was?

当然了! Alice的侄子是篮球队的captain--队长,他特别 athletic - 爱运动!

Ryan: My gosh, Alice, these kids are half my age, and they are so much better at basketball than me!

Alice: Don't get discouraged; with lots of practice, you will be as good as them one day.

Ryan: I don't have that much dedication. Man, getting in shape is so much work!

Alice: Well, you don't have to play basketball. There are lots of other ways to get in shape. Do you have any other ideas?

Ryan: Mmm ... Actually, I have a great idea!

看着小孩子篮球打得比自己强那么多,Ryan有点觉得discouraged - 泄气了。他不想打篮球了,想用另外一种方法来锻练身体,保持体形。不知道他有什么好主意?

Professor: Well, listen next time to find out!