024C 体育运动: 高级课程

Professor: Today Ryan is meeting for coffee with his friend Alice, who he hasn't seen for a few months. Ryan has been working out a lot during that time and has gotten in really fantastic shape.


Professor: Let's listen and find out!

Alice: Oh my gosh, Ryan, is that you? I hardly recognized you!

Wow, you look so .... different! Have you been working out?

Ryan: Hey Alice. Yeah, I've been working out pretty hard core lately. I go to the gym every day to work out with my personal trainer, Hans.

Alice: Uh ... yeah I can tell. I mean, your shirt barely fits you anymore because your muscles are so big.

Ryan: Yeah, I've been spending all my money on my personal trainer and gym fees so I didn't have any money left over to buy new clothes.

Alice: Are you sure you aren't going a little overboard?

Ryan: No way! You know, girls like guys with huge muscles, and I can't blame them. Sometimes I spend hours just looking at myself in the mirror.

Alice: Right ... girls love guys who spend more time in front of the mirror than they do.

看来,Ryan是真下功夫锻练啦! 他一直在 working out “hard core" - 坚持不懈地锻练。现在他变成肌肉男啦,Alice都快认不出他了!

Professor: Right. And not only that, he has gotten so big that his clothes don't fit him anymore. But why does he say he doesn't get new clothes?

因为他把所有钱都花在健身房会员费和雇personal trainer - "私人健身教练”上了! 这的确是有点go overboard--过份了。

Professor: So you agree that women don't like guys who spend all their time at the gym?

去健身房锻练是可以,不过,Ryan 说他现在经常花几个小时照镜子,欣赏自己的肌肉,这可就让人受不了!

Alice: Well, I'm interested to hear more about what you've been doing lately. But first I want to get a latte. What kind of coffee do you want?

Ryan: No coffee for me! That's way too many calories, and I have to stay on my fitness regimen. I'll just have a glass of water.

Alice: We're meeting at a coffee shop, and you don't want any coffee? Well OK ... do you want something to eat? Maybe a sandwich or something?

Ryan: No thanks, there are way too many carbohydrates in the bread. I'm just going to have this protein drink that I brought with me.

看来,Ryan在严格执行fitness regimen--瘦身养生法。Alice请他喝咖啡,可他嫌咖啡的calories--“卡路里”太多。

Professor: That's right. It's one thing to maintain a healthy diet, but that sounds a little crazy.

就是的! 他还说,三明治他也不吃,因为面包里有太多carbohydrates - 碳水化合物!

Professor: That definitely doesn't sound like a healthy diet to me.

可不! Ryan现在似乎只喝protein drinks - 蛋白质饮料! 这有点过头了吧!

Alice: You know, Ryan, I totally support you getting in shape, and I'm really impressed that you have been able to stay so motivated. But I think exercise is best done in moderation.

Ryan: Oh yeah, I totally agree. For example, I usually do at least two workouts at the gym per day, but on Christmas I only did one because it was a holiday.

Alice: Well let me ask you a question. If women really love your new physique, how will you have time to date when you have to spend all your time at the gym working out?

Ryan: Don't worry! Once I find a girlfriend, I'll stop working out and get really fat.

Alice: Well, Ryan, I am very jealous of whatever lucky lady finds you.

啊?原来Ryan健身的目的就是吸引女孩子啊?他说,一旦找到女朋友,就立刻停止锻练,让自己变成大胖子。根本不想保持现在全新的physique--体形。 Professor Bowman,不会所有男人都在打这种如意算盘吧?

Professor: Well if you have to choose between a really vain guy and a lazy guy, who would you pick?

是要vain guy - 虚荣的男人,还是lazy guy - 懒惰的男人? 我想,我还是养只狗吧!